New Operational Fitness Tests

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BigGSheff, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. Couldn't really decide where to put this, so mods please move if you think it should go somewhere else.

    Just been having a lazy start to my working day and flicking through the October edition of 'Soldier' and read a short articlde on new Operational Fitness Tests. Does anyone have any more info or experience of these tests?

    For anyone who hasnt seen the article or heard about it, it seems there are 6 tests including the current ACFT 1 and 2. All tests are loaded marches over varying distances and at different speeds carrying upto 35 Kgs and are to be carried out wearing helmet and body armour.
  2. If you thought the CFT was boring - STANDBY!!!!
  3. Details are in the new MATT 2 pack.
  4. Well they can get stuffed, I'm not doing any of them, after all what are the consequences? They won't send you to Afghanistan, yeh what a punishment.
  5. And can I find a copy of that online on armynet or something?
  6. Go to the gym and ask the Tiffy Muscles.
  7. On ArmyNET type 1177 into the search box and click on the SITE button, Matt 2 Aug 2010 should come up top of the list. You then need to download the PDF doc then look in section 5 for OFT. ^_~
  8. You my friend are a Gent. Thank you
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  9. We did some of these on camp. Some were more of a shock to the system than others.

    1.5 miles with 15KG of kit plus weapon in 18 minutes squadded followed by a 2 minute water break and 1.5 miles best effort for a total time of under 33 minutes was a bitch. I managed 36 and there were LOTS of people behind me!
  10. Did you find a long cut or were you just not trying very hard???
  11. Well It seems I was trying harder than the 40 or so blokes behind me... :0
  12. Bloody hell. Did it look like Napoleon's retreat from Moscow??
  13. Are women tested the same?
  14. eq ops !!!!!!!! they best do
  15. Something like that!