New on ARRSE, Sandhurst in Sept and Rifles or Anglians?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FearlessPenguin, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Long time lurker of Arrse finally made an account so I can "enjoy" meeting and socialising with you lot.

    I'v got Sandhurst in September did my AOSB last year.

    I definitely want to be in the Infantry, growing up I was quite interested in joining the Royal Green Jackets, then just as I was coming to an age it was possible to join they amalgamated with the LI and such. The RGJ ethos and culture was what interested me most but I want to know how much that has been diluted since becoming part of The Rifles?

    Royal Anglian (Poachers) are my local line infantry and I have always had an interest in them too, visited their regimental museum loads as a kid despite not coming from a military family. Just unsure who I want to join, at the moment.

    All replies welcome, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. Anglians mate.

    Your local regiment.

  3. First off, the world has changed since you were "growing up". There is now no RGJ and no Light Infantry. There is only The Rifles. If you join them that is what your identity will be and that is where your loyalty must lie. If you start moithering on about wanting to be a "jacket", and having jacket "ethos and culture" then all you will do is make everyone think you're a cock.

    What, precisely is the Green Jacket ethos and culture in any event? (I will try to refrain from making comments about backstabbing and nepotism). However, whatever that mythical ethos and culture might have been, you can trot along on familiarisation visits and see if any regiment has such an ethos and culture today.

    In reality you are joining the army of the 21st Century, in which the standards sought are uniform across the infantry, and there is in reality little difference between one "super regiment" and another. All you need to do is to find a regiment in which you would feel comfortable - professionally and socially - and then join that regiment.

    Sorry if I come across as a bit harsh.
  4. March 'im out Sarmajor.
  5. Bollocks.
  6. Undecisive?

    You'll go far!
  7. 2 and 4 Rifles (in particular 2 Rifles) apparently retain some of the 'flavour' of the RGJ. I wouldn't know, but the RIFLES Officers I do know have said that to me.

    BUT The Rifles take great pride in being The Rifles, not 1 Rifles (D&D) or 2 Rifles (RGJ), unlike some other multi-battalion Regiments....
  8. Royal Anglian every single time. Vikings or Poachers

    You should also suggest a trip to Corunna to visit and sort out Sir John Moore's grave. It's a ******* disgrace.

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  9. Only answer is to go and see the two regiments on Potential Officer visits. You will also get two visits to units while at RMAS before you have to go firm on your choices. This will give you the best idea of where you will best fit in.

    Do your best at RMAS, but unless you already know that you like the infantry way of life from previous experience then don't be too excited until you get a few exercises under your belt. Brecon isn't for everyone.
  10. Actually it was quite mild as to my expectations to the reply of my first ARRSE post.

    I did specify good, bad and UGLY. So who can I blame?

    Of course, If I joined the Rifles I'd be proud to be a member of such a regiment, and no I won't be prancing about acting like I'm a RGJ. I never will be, they no longer exist. However the history and traditions do appeal to me.

    I went on a Fam visit to the Land Warfare Centre at Warminster with the School of Infantry and for me personally that made me go from 90% leaning towards Infantry to pretty much 99% of course I'll have to see how I do at Sandhurst and how I find the exercises.

    Thanks for the help guys, keep it coming.
  11. I've served with the green jackets, and had the misfortune of sharing a location with the Anglians. I'd recommend the rifles any day of the week.
  12. Both good in my experience - only risk with the Rifles is that because they are the biggest regiment in the Inf, they will probably be the first to lose a Battalion because of cutbacks, may not be the most stable option.
  13. Personally i would say Rifles buts thats because of my own choice. I think its wrong to say the Rifles has no individulaity, it has but 4 regiments becoming 1 does require time for these traits to bed in.

    On the subject of the Anglians, i cant say a bad word about what ive seen of them (not very much to be fair). Oh except they're honking redcoats :)
  14. I am serving in the Rifles and so that's what I can talk about with any real authority. However I have worked with the R Anglians before (both Reg Bns) and they always struck me as good blokes who took their soldiering skills seriously - all round decent mob. I think you're in for a win-win either way.

    As for the Rifles, certainly 2 Rifles has retained (indeed cultivated) the 'Green Jacket way' as spelled out by Dwin Bramall, and I think that there is an element of this throughout the Regt. Not in a chauvinistic or arrogant manner, but just a common to all, relaxed professionalism. It doesn't always work as intended and sometimes any commander from LCpl to Lt Col to slap their head in frustration. When it clicks however, as it does so often on operations, it's a thing of beauty!

    As I wrote above, you really can't go wrong with either Regt. The best of luck with whichever you decide to plump for.