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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by twentyfirstoffoot, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Looka as if the MOD and the Government have rebadged the old Discount Directory into the new Defence Discount Service. The link in the sticky on this site takes you to a blank screen so if you want to participate in the new scheme and receive your discount card you should register here:

  2. I got the notification of this scheme via the MOD Facebook feed, registered on it last night. Just had to chuck in my old serial number and the membership went straight through.

    Looks like it'll save a few shillings on stuff you'd spend on anyway. So far I can't see any downside and it was about time they started doing something for us! :)
  3. News update! Got my discount card for use in participating high street shops yesterday and included in the envelope was a second card for 10% off in Iceland!
  4. Cards not recommended for use in the the outer reaches of the empire also known as Northern Ireland!
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  5. Except Cotsword, both in town and Boucher Road, good lads in there, anywhere else, well I wouldn't
  6. Anybody had any joy with discount from vodafone on this dds?
  7. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Yes, have used it with Vodafone. Bit of an admin problem as discount didn't initially show up on bill, although applied on total due. Resolved now, no complaints.
  8. Was that on an exisiting contract/tariff or does it only apply to new contracts?
  9. Still don't see the point in the discount card, surely your ID card should be enough?

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  10. It's to earn money from you buying a card and to earn money in commission.
    Often shopping around will get you better deals.
  11. Registered for this yesterday, as it was pointed in my direction, as Ex Forces I no longer have an ID card, but can still register for the card and benefit from the discounts. All round win I feel.
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  12. Cheers for this. Just signed up.

    Few useful items (like 10% off Dell) but also a few reminders as to the crap some marketing writers come out with.

    Like this gem: "ASDA: Save an amazing 3.5% on gift cards!"

    3.5%. Truly Amazing.
  13. Search dell discount codes.
  14. Now that is interesting. I did indeed give that a Google.

    Do these codes actually work? I'm doubtless missing a trick here (wouldn't be the first time), but surely if 25% discount codes are only a Google away, then no-one will be paying full price?
  15. It's just a means of marketing you either find a cheaper price or pay what they ask. Any site offering discounts will be taking a cut themselves. Just shop around, barter even in shops, even if its just £20 it's better in your pocket.