Discussion in 'REME' started by SeahorseSpanner, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. I have just read DEME(A)'s revised policy for REME Officer employment. In essence it aims at getting the young DEs into LAD Command earlier and giving them longer in senior Capt jobs. Great in theory and principle for young thrusters.

    However, to have written an 11 page document (plus numerous annexes and appendices) about DE Officer career paths and quote x 2 'The employment of LE officers has not been examined and is the subject of a seperate study' is beyond belief. How can such a study be made and not even consider what impact it will have on LEs at the same time? Unbelievable!!!!! It will have a significant impact on LEs, no doubt. For instance, just look at all those CRAB jobs that are going to go to DEs. LEs beware, even more truth now to the old adage 'Polyfilla'.

  2. Having served under a "young" DE officer commanding an LAD, I can't understand why anyone would think this is a good idea. Contrary to DEME(A) wishes and propaganda, first line is STILL the prominent shop window for the Corps, and it is essential that the best officers who are sufficiently experienced not to f*ck it up get these posts. Please understand I am not advocating that all the LAD commands should go to LE officers; but neither should they go to wet-behind-the-ears rupes whose third pip is still shiny.

    The OC LAD is the CO's ES advisor; wouldn't it be a good idea to ensure he had some experience in the field before putting him in such a responsible position?
  3. Seahorse Spanner, I take it from your comments that you too are 'Polyfilla' :lol: . Whilst the latest proclamation from the great and good may not give LEs the advantage that they were hoping for (No LE Col post this year I'm afraid) it will help the Corps. I believe that the Corps ASM, two jobs ago was all for this and was part of the team that did all of the spade work. If you can find him, ask him what the thinking was behind it.

    I think that you have to accept that LEs are employed in specific posts as officers for their specialist knowledge and experience and not to be 'Generalist' officers who flit from perfumed flower to perfumed flower. :twisted:
  4. Didn't you mean Dung heap to Dung heap?!! :D
  5. I fully accept your comments. My point is that this piece of extensive work has been conducted without taking into account LE posts, which I find amazing and almost insulting. I know I am not alone in this view. There is no doubt that the LE fraternity will only get 1 or 2 jobs out of 31 on the next CRAB 1 board as a result of this policy. Indeed I have it on very good authority that MCM Div still do not know where and what posts across the piste are going to be available to LEs. How can this be? Surely a study of this size should take all these factors into consideration? I'm sorry, but this smacks of ' the LEs can pick up the dross and get on with it'.
  6. i think DE Captains should command a LAD but only after a posting as a company 2ic at a battalion or a phase 2 regiment
  7. Im not arrsed!
  8. Surely the results of this study and "considerations" that were NOT given to LE employment is the trade off that results from selling your soul for an LE commission. Be under no illusions; you are offered an LE commission for the benefit of the CORPS not yourself! The average Warrant Officer in our Corps can easily obtain a new career with a salary in the £35-55K bracket (depending on your experience) at the end of a 22 year career. If you are so frightened about the transition to civilian life that you wish to stay in the Corps then don't complain about receiving the sh1t jobs that a career officer won't touch with a barge pole!
  9. Not very bitter are we! Failed commissioning candidate maybe? You are not telling me or other LEs anything new here. Do you think we walk around with our heads in the clouds? As for being frightened of joining Civ St, I won't even give the satisfaction of replying. Get a life and and add some value instead of talking sh1te.
  10. No i am not bitter at all. I have never applied for a commission and have no intentions of, as i will enjoy my pension in addition to my new salary in a couple of years. My point was that you new what you were getting into when you applied for the LE post, so stop crying and get on with it! If you don't like it then get out, or have you not been converted yet? :wink:
  11. Gents,
    I think we miss the point of a forum.
    Raise subjects and discuss, try not to hurl abuse when tempted.

  12. Nobody's crying :roll: . You are very obviously missing the whole point of the thread so I suggest you stick to something you know about. :lol:
  13. In my day as a DE (I left in late 1980s) LADs were only second or third postings as a capt. That I think is about the right level. On par with a Coy/Sqn 2ic. You can then hold your own, and advise witha few good years of knowledge behind you. A few LEs did get LADs, but they were the exception rather than the rule, and were often in the more specialist roles, and not much older than a DE in most cases. Surely what the coprs should be doing is putting the right person in the right job with the right knowledge and right experience - not getting hung up on if you are DE/LE and your past in general.