New Odd Couple??

We're barely three weeks into 2006 and already we have a strong contender for the oddest hookup of the year.Kate Moss, whose taste in men ranges from the provocative (Johnny Depp) to the pathetic (drug arrest-disposed doofus Pete Doherty), was reportedly seen giving Jack Osbourne's tonsils a thorough exam Monday night.

(That sound you hear? It's a million men simultaneously slapping their foreheads and crying out, "Holy crap, I had a shot!")

anyone think of some other ' unlikely love connections they'd like to see? [ and not you lot with the choice bit of tottie du jour.. so that means Veg and Angelina doesn't count ]
I tell you what mate, with her taste in "men", I reckon we are all in with a shout.
Not one to give a damn about keeping up with what the glitterati are doing to / with each other (would be happy for them all to pass on the Ebola virus to each other) but wasn't she swapping spit with a teenager only a week ago?

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