New Obama Inaugural Souvenier Collectible

Discussion in 'US' started by Ruckerwocman, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. While I was perusing my gentleman's magazine this peaceful Sunday afternoon I stumbled across the following advertisement for a new commemorative product to celebrate "The Mighty One's" coronation as the 44th president. My jaw dropped. Somebody has put his face on a dildo!! :clap:

    It makes a refreshing change from all the other souvenir crap you can buy with His grinning stupid face on it to celebrate his investiture such as commemorative plates, commemorative coins, commemorative mugs, etc. but there's something disturbing about finding his stupid vacant face on a rubber dick. :lol:

    The loony liberal left hated George W. Bush with a passion and they called him stupid, War Criminal, The Chimp, The Shrub, etc. but I don't believe they ever stooped this low to make him appear on a wonder wand. I wonder who is responsible for recognizing His Holiness the Big O. Whoever it was he should get a bonus in his pay packet. :wink: :p :clap: :1:

    The web site is called "Head O State" and is at this address:

    It is available in Wacko Democratic Blue or George Soros Money Gold.

  2. No doubt the right of centre Spams will be here in moment commenting that this is symbolic of what Obama will do to the country. :D
  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssss we can?
  4. I thought it was gonna be a "gollywog" pin badge :(
  5. Much more appropriate if it had been W. Bush. He f'cked the country up the a*rse and now is covered in sh!te.
  6. Stay classy KevinB.
  7. Unfortunately, RT, it is the truth. He has fiddled while the US burned around him and is far more deserving of having his semblance on a wonder wand than is Mr. Obama.
  8. But he didn't get that "recognition", did he? Obama (Blessings and Peace Be Upon Him!) did. :lol: Get over it. :p
  9. The reason he didn't is because progressives and liberals don't sink to such juvenile levels, and I am well reprimanded for doing so myself. :wink: