New Nursing Dress

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by FLLnurse, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone else got thier new uniform yet?

    Just picked mine up and oh my god!!! Can't believe it took them nearly ten years to come up with that rubbish. I could buy it in a uniform shop any day of the week.

    I know I work in a civi environment but I didn't realise that I had left the Army. Flo must be spinning in her grave at us loosing her beloved scarlet and grey to dress like a student/radiographer/dietian. Not only do I look like a civi but I don't even look like a nurse!

    Any thoughts? Preferably without the usual QA bashing.
  2. Picture for us non medic types?
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  4. I should have seen that coming!
  5. FLL
    My feelings are with you.

    The new nursing uniform is a mockery to all that that the QA’s. QA’s and PM’s have made in their combined 270 years of history. Flo will be turning in her grave.

    More than anything is the description of the uniform. The trousers are civi issue.

    The tunic is even worse. As I am lead to believe the army in red, air force, light blue and the navy, navy errrm navy blue. The problem I have is in identification when on the wards. An HCA is in grey piping. But as I am let to believe officers of our respective services will wear a darker shade of that colour!!

    For medics around (I know the RAF medics have YELLOW piping)

  6. Yes I a’m a mong for getting my poll poorly set up but….
    Please let arguments the be heard.

    The top corridors of the MDHU’s do look at this board and the sectary of state for defence will be at MDHU (B) on Fri 20016.

    You never know the power of Arrse so go and post your view on my post in this forum.

  7. Doubtless these nasty-looking uniforms will be the finest some Chinese sweatshop can provide, facilitated, of course, by the lowest bidder in UK.

    I doubt the SofS will notice the change - it's not as if he visits any of the hospitals often. Anyone care to wager that the Neu Arbeit spin machine will be playing on this visit not being in response to recent criticism of politicians for their failure to visit?
  8. Can't believe anyone will regret the passing of the QA grey tentage! If anyone is nostalgic for the uniforms soon to go, which did they prefer?

    The Selly Oak A&E scrub uniform is high quality and it would be the most comfortable, practical and economical answer for everybody in secondary care to wear something similar. It didn't go through the procurement chain, though, so you're stuck with the Britannia Uniforms kit that's on it's way!!
  9. Apparently OK until you try washing it and the red piping runs into the white.

    Incidentally, I hear on the grapevine that the grey woolly pully is making a comeback according to QA Dress Regs Committee.
  10. Cant see why not, after all the Medic Officers and WO1s wear cherry jumpers and Dental Officers and WO1s (and for some reason a WO2 at the Dental centre in Aldershot!!) wear green jumpers, its onlyright that QA officers and WO1s should wear those lovely grey ones!! I know that all ranks QA used to wear the grey jumpers in the good old days but then again they used to wear capes when in ward dress as well!!
  11. .Bump (is there a no bumping policy in action)??

    Put it on and stop whining!!!! you be lucky to have a job!!!!!!!!............You could always go to the stores and exchange it for some deserts and go replace some poor sod in the crap hole of the world (Iraq) who will wear it without whining, if thats your only bother in life, (the fact your vanity in uniform may be affected), then maybe you should get a job cleaning the sh*t out of cuckoo clocks :)
  12. Didn't take you too long to start slagging them off :roll:

    On to the new tunics/trousers.........about time we moved into the modern world, those grey dresses were an abonimation.......apart from when worn by some sexy chicks........very few and far between in those days :wink:

    But as said, the lowest bidder made those lovely tops and bottoms :evil:
  13. students have been issued it but told we can't wear it until june
  14. Any chance someone can post a pic of one of these hideous ensembles?

    If only to prepare us for temporary blindness when we next find ourselves in AMS' tender care? ;)
  15. Ah Grey tents & smelly tights...........................its all flooding back :D