New Number Two Dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mike_2817, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Anybody got further details on the new Number Two Dress based on Officers Service Dress? Design and Cut of No2 Service Dress to be the same for All Ranks, with Officers & Warrant Officer Class One's having the option as now to buy it themselves in a higher quality material! Due for issue late 2006 onwards.....
  2. No. Wasn't aware such a thing was happening.
  3. due to be issued 2008 at earliest if it gets throught the next gate, it is a varient of service dress for all ranks and removes the requirement for WO1s and Officers to purchase it.
  4. Thanks for the update paragorge. Very little detail available at moment.
  5. This is a copy of what I posted in the SC 95 thread:

    Source material has been sanitised:

    The Army Dress Committee is developing the plan for (wait for it) FAD (Future Army Drss): this will include barrack dress and working dress and practical, smart uniforms for in barracks use (e.g., shoes that can be worn in the mess, warrior park and POL store without being a hazard in either...). This will include trousers, shirts and jumpers (it is unlikely that there will be a waterproof top as it will be very expensive).

    CS 95 will be replaced by PECOC (very expensive) but for field use only.
  6. does this mean that officers will no longer get their clothing Allce. allways struck me as money for nothing especially if comm from the ranks 2K + . not very fair in my eyes
  7. Does this mean we have to wear it even if we already own the old pattern?
  8. The end result will naturally be a reduction in clothing allnce I am sure: but which part of the 'money for nothing' argument are you talking about?

    That'll be Service Dress, Blues and Mess Dress to be bought (which if you do it properly will cost you in excess of 4K). Added to which officers cannot exchange their Service Dress uniform etc so they are given a tax break of approx £250 a year to maintain shoes, gloves, hats, badges, fcuking pips that break every time you take them off etc.

    Typical example of cheapest items:

    Gloves officers leather brown: £21 from QM (not exchangeable) but get broken and worn out very quickly.
    Mess pips: wholesale £4 a pair (quoted £25 by one tailor)
    Normal pips: wholesale £5 a pair (usually £10 from tailors)
    Service dress shirts: £51 each

    I have the following jackets in my cupboard:

    No 1 Dress,Service Dress, Tropical Service Dress, Blues and Mess Kit

    To convert all that from Lt to Capt cost me, wait for it:

    £43 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 20 (for the tailor to change the mess kit pips)= £103

    Sword - in excess of £1600

    Additional items not covered by dress allowance:

    Jumpers, coloured shirts, ties, mess kit shirts, bow ties, spurs (£45). Regimental tie and divisional tie (another £35 each).

    Money for old rope, really - oh and WO1s who have to buy officer kit don't automatically get any money for it, and there's no quarantee of a commission. Although RHQs have been directed to fund them if possible.

    Before we go off an officers gat paid more malarkey: as a 2Lt I got paid less than every soldier in my platoon less 3 Class 2 private soldiers, and I got them upgraded to Class 1 before I became a Lt. Thank fcuk for £2K.
  9. the 2 grand you get on commisioning is to purchase a number of items, ie service dress and a couple of good suits I brought one suit for £1500 and some nice shoes, a shirt, and tie and that left about £200. SO money for nothing I think not as you still need to buy at least one more suit and service dress too.....ummm
  10. You can get 15 suits for your £1500 and they will still look better( I reckon)

    Its not only the make and cost of the suit but the cut of the cloth and also the person wearing it has to feel comfortable and know he looks good in it (which i have yet to see in any mess)

    Bit of a waste of your clothing allowance I think.
  11. Its not a waste of clothing allowance as it is one of a few I own, you only get what you pay for in this world and if you buy cheap youll buy twice. and if you think I stand in the mess trying to look good in it you are sadly mistaken.
  12. In my opinion, if you pay £1500 for the jacket and trousers, obviously bespoke, then surely you would need the rest of the rig to match.
    shoes, something made for you imported from Italy?
    shirt, again hand made?.....

    It would be like buying a ferrari and shodding it with re-moulded rubber :)
  13. naturally patrick cox shoes, and a Bovo eC shirt hand made from Venices finest....come on give me credit....theres notheing worse than fur coat and off white pants.
  14. Well in this PC world you certainly can't have Officers wearing a uniform that is distinguishably different from the ORs. Other than insignia of rank of course.
    Look at the CF uniform.

    If you keep following suit (no pun intended), "Other Ranks" will be declared a demeaning, derogatory term.
  15. would have to be Loakes, Pc's rubber are fine for chavs :D

    LOL like your style paragorge, i just had a vision of a dashing suit and a George from Asda shirt LOL

    You gotta admit tho, there are some bad suits in the mess (badly worn to boot)