New No 2 Dress?

walt_of_the_walts said:
Looks sh!t doesnt it?

I have it on good authority that even the ACF (adults first cadets later)will be issued it. Why? We don't need it, ever?

Waste of money...
The biggest waste of money would be buying enough material to cover your obese frame - walting child toucher.
My unit got a demo of a new all ranks No 2 dress proposed in about 1978. It was made out of the green nylon barrack dress material and looked absolutely shocking. A Colonel came down from the MOD for lunch with us wearing it. He got a terrible ear bashing. Some time shortly after that the kit disappeared off the agenda. Bearing that experience in mind the new kit looks smart to me. Quite natty in fact.
So what happens with Us old farts who have the old No2s????
Is it a straight swap for the new stuff??? or do we just keep our old stuff.

And I hear shoes are now issued rather than Best boots?
Countrylad said:
I wouldn't get too bothered about it, by the time it reaches us in the TA I'll be a pensioner (i'm in my 20s now).
Don't count on it, I thought that I wouldn't be seeing A2's in the armoury until next year and they're they were 2 weeks later.

Still think the new No2s look w@nk

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