New No. 2 dress.......... is there any truth?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by AJ-W, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. when I finished basic I had to hand in the No. 2's that were issued there was no reason given for this so I didn't think anything about it but now I have heard it's because there is going to be a new design being brought in.

    So is there any truth behind this or is it just one of the many ideas flying around with no truth behind it.
  2. its true, as the other 69 threads on this very subject will testify.
  3. Makes sense, doesn't it. Replace the number 2 uniforms, right in the middle of an economic crisis, when funding for urgently required equipment in theatre is at its hardest to obtain.

    Don't you just love the Government...?
  4. I don't think it was a question raised in parliament :roll:

    More than likely a decision made a few year ago by those that cloth us.
  5. Future Army Dress, aka FAD.
  6. BevisRory, aka Walty Cadet Mong
  7. Aww, I've a follower.

    Nice :)
  8. 5A is not the type of follower you want. You need to take measures to protect yourself.

    A gimp mask and KY should ease the pain.
  9. Oh. God.
  10. Ah, but the old No2 Dress was a symbol of the Forces of Conservatism.

    You will be presented with the improved People's FAD, also available in maternity, shalwar kameez, niqab and hijab versions!
  11. Tut, tut, I sense sarcasm CaptainPlume. :roll:
  12. are there any images anywhere done a quick search and nothing found

  13. Is that why there is now no definition between officers and WO dress? F* it, rank is an outdaded principle aint it guys? When do we get to elect our officers then?

    Is it true all crowns on uniform are being replaced with the labour torch logo?
  14. Too late my little Ice Hockey playing mong from the IoW, have the hairs on your legs grown back from your Comic Relief waxing BTW?
    You've been well pinged muppet.