New No 10 Petition regarding Wootton Bassett


I have signed this. I prefer some of the other names, but even if it gets the idea into peoples minds that would be good.


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It would be a bad idea if you live in Wooton Basset and don't want to be forced by a load of people who have never set foot in the place to change the name of your street.

This should be a decision for the people who live there. They already go to lengths to honour the fallen without being prompted and should be supported and thanked in anyway possible.

If it's what they want, I would support it, if not people should but out and let them carry on displaying their respects in the way they choose to do so.

Just my two pence worth.
Yup, it was on here a couple of weeks back. I agree, the name's shite.
It's a nice idea but for some gut reason it just feels a bit... off. Can't quite put my finger on why but I just don't like it for some reason.

Besides which it does strike me as doing things a bit on the cheap - simply rename the road, get a couple of photo opportunities out of it for the politicians and then forget all about it. I'd much rather something active was done a bit like what they have in Canada, although not on that large a scale, than this.


Earlier in the thread I advised I had written to the Mayor of Wootton Bassett. I have just received a reply which is copied below:

I have received your email from the office regarding the petitions. I have read with interest some of the comments made.
Whilst I am moved by the feelings expressed by the correspondents I do not feel that we should go any further down the route suggested.
I am born and bred in Wootton Bassett and am very proud of the town and its people, the repatriations were started as a mark of respect for our fallen service personnel when they return home, a private tribute to them and their families from us.
It has esculated somewhat since then, we atrract people from all over the county amy I say even country but to confer any honour on the town would in my submission be wrong, we just happen to be on the main route from the airbase to the coroners in Oxford. People line the route at different points all the way, we just happen to be the first town on the route.
The combined services honoured us with an appreciation parade, we as a town require nothing more, we do not do it for recognition. It is 5 minutes of our time which is nothing compared to what the repatriated have given, it is an honour for us to be allowed to show our heartfelt feelings and respect.
Regarding the name change, I see no reason for change, it will help no-one,we know that these boys and girls who are repatriated are heroes, we do not need a road name to tell us.

Regards, Mike Leighfield (Mayor)

So guys there you have it. IMHO I would suggest that we respect what he has said and stop.