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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Sam3212, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello gents,

    I'm being sent to a conference (some young officers competition/conference combo) and I've been told I need service dress (i'm a subby in a North West infantry regiment).

    My RQMS said that the new service dress has an 18 month waiting list and is different in colour (brown) to the old colour (green). I'm a bit p*ssed off that his attitude was a flat-out 'no, it can't be done at all whatsoever leave me alone you subby'.

    In true arrse style please put in contact with the Major General in charge of army kit requisition. Failing that, give me some advice.

  2. The new No2 service dress is rarer than rocking horse s*** we have only just had the sizing pack. Not expecting delivery anytime soon.

    Don't know any units in this area who have it yet.
  3. Thanks for response but i'm not wanting to give up just yet. Someone, somewhere will have something that I can use. Even if it's a spray painted potato sack i'm not wearing a suit and tie on the ceremony.
  4. I'm no expert, but how about turning up with what you've been issued with.

    I know these RQMS types are all shite. Especially when they don't issue what they haven't got. Health & Safety gone mad!!
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  5. Get yourself a pair of those lightweights without the pocket on the leg & a Hartounian shirt & wear them with your brown shoes & SD Cap. I did so on a NATO SHAPE School course & it looked just right.
  6. What do you actually want? Your Thread title says "No 1 Dress" - that's the blue coloured thingy with red stripes on the trousers that you wore on Sovereign's Parade (You did make it that day, did you?).

    Service Dress is the greeny/browny suit and tie thingy worn by Offrs. No 2 Dress is the cheap and nasty ORs' version. OK, I believe the "New" Future Army Dress" (FAD) SD/No2 is for all ranks, but why/how on Earth did you leave RMAS ill-prepared for your chosen unit - you do have an appropriate beret and cap badge?

    FAD is issue at public expense, whereas SD is individual expense but you have (or did) an allowance to off set this. Spk to your approved Regtl Tailor for cost and time - a tad quicker than 18 months I suspect and you won't look like something that cat dragged in. Cheaper option: Look for a 2nd hand SD and pay to have it adjusted to fit. While you're at it, look for a Sam Browne belt (please tell me you know what this is....), oh, and some gloves, possibly a hat, and maybe a sword etc., etc.

    With your shocking ignorance of the Queen's uniform, which you claim to wear, any thought of chest poking a Maj Gen (or a buck shee Pte for that matter) probably isn't the most recommended course of action....!
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  7. You sound like a whining Kingo. God help you. If you can't sort something like this out then draw the Mess webley and do the decent thing.
    When I was in that Mess (or the antecedent) it was a case of first, up best dressed. Set your alarm clock.
  8. I suspect the OP might be attending the Young Reserve Officers' Workshop or something similar run by CIOR & is therefore in the TA who, if they still get a grant, receive virtually no money for kitting out. It doesn't sound like a UK only course as everything seems to be doen in Combats there days.

    I wouldn't worry too much. Like Crabs foreign Armies have best uniforms in polyester & look like militant car park attendants or members of the Ruritanian Grand Order of Cinema Commissionnaires. I stand by my suggestion above for alternative dress as (a) you will be away from your Regiment & (b) Johnny Foreigner will not know what dress regs are. This is a cracking excuse to raid the dessing up box and as long as a Senior Officer from your mob doesn't rock up you can pass off any transgressions as Unit tradition.
  9. The-Dictator.jpg

    Yeah that looks fine Sam.......might want to lose the gun though.
  10. ARRSE cynicism raises it's head. Apologies - it was a typing error, I meant No 2 dress. On the keyboard - that thing with buttons in front of you - the '2' can sometimes be next to the 1 and as I'm at work I didn't proof-read.

    Fun-poking aside thanks for your input, appreciated. Captain Plume is right - it is for the CIOR and, without sounding like a martyr, I spend more time filling out SJARs and prepping lessons than on ceremonial dress. I like Plume's suggestion; I could, though, end up like Sacha Baron Cohen's 'dictator' if I got carried away.

    I have even had dark, dark thoughts about having a look on eBay for appropiate footwear. I have the Sam Browne belt and infantry cap from my predecessor.

    So if i'm correct - the NEW no.2 dress could set me back a sh*tload but I should ask my Csgt (tailor) about this. Alternatively I can just wing a half-plausible OLD no.2 dress of khaki green?

    Thanks for your responses (even the P*ss takes - they take time to write as well).
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  11. Seriously, Sam3213, check what the programme is or PM msr on here who is very knowledgeable about matters CIOR as he's been to a lot of their events. It is likely that you would only need the full rig for a course photo & perhaps dinner as most NATO Reserves seem to wear their equivalent of SD (perhaps with a bow rather than straight tie) as mess kit.

    Barrack dress should do the trick fine so regimental pattern footwear (you should be able to get these issued); barrack dress trousers or leg pocketless lightweights; stable belt, SD shirt; & SD hat or Regimental equivalent is what you are after. The lightweights can be had from most surplus shops and the shirst at any price from Uniformal to Jermyn Street.
  12. I am assuming that you will need a blue SD shirt? There are great stories of various civvy style shirts being used in place of the expected version, so have some fun....
  13. Well sort of....

    Your Adjt needs a kick up the arrse, as clearly he is failing in his duties of educating YOs. A few basics for you:

    Officers wear Service Dress or SD. Not No2s. Getting a set of old style pre-FAD soldier's No2s and wearing that is not acceptable as its not an officer's uniform.

    SD is Khaki not Khaki green or Khaki brown, just Khaki. There used to be different shades of Khaki for different regiments, but the new SD (FAD) is all the same colour.

    If your Bn cannot provide SD (FAD) for you to attend your course (I'd run this past your Bn 2IC / Adjt because it might just be that RQMS can't be arssed to help. Doubtless there is plenty of FAD in the system - what about your Regiment's regular battalions? You are, after all, representing your Bn / British Army on an an international course FFS) Your options are:

    1. Borrow a half decent 'old' type SD from one of your mates.
    2. See if your RHQ holds sets of old SD for sale / loan.
    3. Clear with your unit for you to attend in barrack dress (and get it issued) because post-FAD it is now your unit's reponsibility to dress you (Pre-FAD as an officer you were responsible for pretty much all items of uniform less combats).

    Good luck
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  14. Gieves & Theif's occassionally have such rarities? Anyone leaving soon?
  15. Do excuse me, but I am in a state of confusion here.

    Are you telling me that you, a recently commissioned Subaltern officer, do not possess either a Regimental Service Dress or the new All Ranks No2 Dress/Service Dress(which is issued free of charge)? How did you manage to leave Sandhurst without it? Presumably you were given a large sum of tax-payers money (known in my day as Uniform Allowance) to furnish yourself in the correct attire?

    This is most odd. Only two days ago I was listening to a youngster moaning that, having been given the said large sum of money and duly correctly spent it, was told on arrival at his first unit to ditch the Gieves & Thieves ginger tweeds, chop the buttons off and get himself down to the QM's for sizing for the new No2 Dress.

    I think I must be getting too old for all this.....