new nlaw

on the mod website it has an article on new kit, it says that a new nlaw that can be fitted with a acog sight, any one know who's making it
Copy and paste from here

Saab Systems – Design, components, integrator for Swedish RB57 simulator training.
Thales Air Defence – Final assembly in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Also makes the laser based Short-Range and Field Trainer, and Thales Missile Electronics makes electronics assemblies and the proximity fuse
BAE Systems (UK) – inertial measurement unit, BAE RO to supply rocket motors in some accounts. Others place this responsibility with Roxio (France).
EPS Logistics Technology
Express Engineering
FR-HiTEMP (UK) – control fins and actuators
ICI-Nobel Enterprises
Leafield Engineering
National Plastics Aerospace (UK) – plastic and composite moldings
NP Aerospace
Portsmouth Aviation
Raytheon Systems Limited (UK) – electronics assemblies
Skeldings (UK) – special purpose springs
Trijicon (USA) – ACOG 2.5×20 sight.
FATS Ltd. (US/UK) – UK’s indoor trainer (IDT) for their Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT)
KMW (Germany) – Simulation environment for Swedish training. Collaborates with Saab.
Gun_Nut said:
If it's an ACOG it's made by Trijicon - and no doubt it includes a biblical reference!
Not anymore they won't!!!

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