New Nigerian sight aid for shooting

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 2by4, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Smoke a big spliff and WTF

  2. They must be really thick out there.

    Even the paddies remember to put eye holes in their balaclavas!! :twisted:
  3. He's NBC testing his hat - surely?
  4. I seem to remember something about.... 'don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!', in which case he's being very clever!..... but, I suppose if he's of a Rhodesian variety, it's just 'don't shoot until you see the whites........'
  5. I have the pleasure of spending 6 months a year in the stinking country, and if you think they are bad you really want to see the security teams we have to "protect" us.

    However they are trying really hard to attract tourists to Nigeria and recently opened the Lagos Eye
  6. Never mind the spliff look at the state of his fcuking weapon! Covered in fcuking rust. There is no fcuking way that that gat will pass an ECI. Ten pence to a pound of sh1t he's RAF Regt
  7. I didn't take the picture, Lagos is Civilised compared to where I work
  8. Nigerian Ally?...
  9. No this is ally

  10. And this is Ali

  11. Nigerian Bearskin?
  12. VanDyke
    Where are you? I spent a few years there in the bush on Swamp crews and setting up base stations betwen Escravos and Half way to Bonny River .
  13. Some cracking ones on here

    The comments still make me chuckle.
  14. I am just further up the Bonny river in Onne.