New NHS outfit for treating muslim women

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Sep 5, 2006.

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    8O WTF? I thought this was a joke until I saw it in print. Hold on - if I've got this right, this outfit is to benefit muslim women looking for medical treatment who are 'offended' (so to speak) when treated by someone in a normal NHS gown showing hands, neck and face? What the heck next? Those who have a fetish or phobia for shoes will now be treated by medical staff in bare feet or socks? I understand that their religion omits them from showing their skin and hair up to the point where some women show only their eyes but that is their choice (or daddy's/hubby's). But there isn't a muslim hospital in this country (yet) so if you choose to be in a non-muslim country and you want to be treated in a non-muslim hospital, especially with our free health system, you take the staff as you get them. You don't like seeing medical staff's neck and hands, p1ss off and die.

    I can't believe this shite. I bloody don't care it costs 'only' £12, info-commercials on tv is telling us that 50p will feed thousands of people, so why waste it on crapping uniform? WTF do these women do when they give birth?! They must have a laundry bill matching nursing pay. The way these PC arses carry on, you'd think muslim women must shit through material to adhere to their religion. Beyond idiotness, another issue giving the equally stupid BNP more support. :x
  2. Mmm, it'll make all the difference when the gyne reg gets to work :?
  3. Im offended by all clothing - can i have a nude nurse?

    It is beynd ridiculous you do wonder who actually writes this stuff and who thinks it is worthy of adherence.

    When it calls itself an "interfaith" gown is that because of the growing number of Jews Buddhists and Christians that dont like to see other peoples flesh or are they just refusing to name names?
  4. Looks like a Dr Who villain.

    Cretinous, vile, immoral stupidity. And deeply offensive.
  5. I thought this gown was for the patient to wear! I am now confused......
  6. It's not about Muslims being offended by other revealing their skin, it's about patients being comfortable while in hospital. Some Women of the Islamic faith see covering themselves as an integral part of that faith, so why shouldn't they be assisted in doing that by a public body that they pay into?

    If you're going to starting bashing muslims and the arguable islamo-pandering of this government, at least pick a topic that doens't make you look like a small-minded bigot.
  7. Nope, I think you have it wrong - as I understand the article it is for the muslim woman to wear, and not for those that are treating her. What other people wear is a matter for them. What the muslim woman is made to wear may run contrary to her faith and an extremely clever individual has spotted a niche in the market and exploited it.
  8. In a stressful and demanding job their is now going to be even more BS thrown about.

    Im sorry you cant go and see mrs. XXXX unless you are wearing a gown.
    There has been a complaint from Mrs. XXXX when you visited you didnt have your gown on.

    The NHS is a service industry it is their to provide healthcare, vis a vis, it is their to make sick people better, broken people fixed and dying poeple comfortble until they die.

    Provided more living people leave the doors of hospitals than dead ones I dont think we should ask an already overworked undrpaid proffession to do anything more.
  9. Fantastic! Do they come in DPM as well?

    This could be a possible solution to the lack of ethnic recruits in the army.

    They could also be an excellent base for making a ghillie suit.
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    It's all just another attempt at grabbing a little bit more power, every little bit helps! Bah - If you live in a non-muslim country you abide by non-muslim customs, or you bloody well ought to!
  11. Aaah nice one, thanks for putting that right Sammy. Still don't agree with it, you would need to show some patch of skin for most treatment anyway.

    Chalky - Please don't jump on that bandwagon, you're even presuming that I'm not muslim. My main gripe is that it's a pointless waste of money regardless who the uniform is for when there are more urgent issues this money could be put towards. If you don't like showing the area that needs treatment, don't go to a UK hospital.
  12. What a stupid arguement. If you have an abdominal injury would you be expected to walk around in a pair of NHS undies in case, god forbid, you covered your injury? This is for those patients who will spend some time on the wards, possibly mixed wards, who want to feel comfortable in that environment and adhere to their religious code, as is their individual right.
    If a person feels similarly exposed and it's not part of their religious edict then they can wear them too! Where does it say muslim only?

    And as for adhering to our customs and laws, where does it say in the statute books of Parliament or the annals of the Church of England that we must all wear backless surgical gowns and damn well like it?

    As for the cost, well, I'd hardly call £12 a huge layout, would you? If you were to buy one for every muslim woman in the country (and bear in mind that most muslim women do not cover themselves fully) assuming they'd all be going into hospital at the same time, it would only be enough to buy 3 MRI scanners and still not have the money to hire staff to operate them.

    Considering that most of the women that may choose to use these would be living in this country legally and have contributed to the NHS in some way, be it themselves or supporting someone who does as a wife or mother, I think they have every right to ask for a £12 surgical gown that may preserve their interpretation of dignity.

    And even if you are muslim, so what? You still got the wrong end of the stick and posted something trivial with a view to making it inflammatory.
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    12 extra to the gowns that would be bought for them anyways.

    When I was last in hospital for an operation, i had to walk around with my ass in the breeze - just part and parcel of hospital life.

    I agree with the posts above, offended? Would rather not live than show flesh? Well then, operate on yourself!
  14. Furthermore, if it makes them feel more comfortable they are likely to recover faster - hence saving the NHS money.