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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Maximus Acidus, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Have just heard today that the MTP kit that the boys and girls on Herrick are wearing will not be rolled out to everybody else by the end of the year! Apparently it's getting binned and a new load of kit called PCS (personal camouflage system) is being dished out instead. As everybody comes back from Afghan they will hand in their MTP and be given PCS! Anybody know anything about this?
  2. Did your Unit QM tell you this?

    I'd be surprised it is changed again, especially as MTP has only recently been introduced...
  3. By PCS do you mean Peacock clothing system? I'm under the impression that MTP is part of the Peacock class and will be eventually rolled out to all units. We will go back to the old addage of combats for the field / Ops and a working dress in camp. I cannot see MTP being binned it works, money has been spent and with the current finacial climate I can't see another Cam system being introduced?

    I've just got back from Th and the lads like it + the Yanks are looking at buying it (apperantly).
  4. I thought the Yanks were already rolling out multicam?
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    They are, as are some Aussie units.
  6. PECOC I thought was being issued in MTP but different cut/style to the current clothing. I thought that the only reason it was rushed out in it's current format/style was as a UOR for theatre. If you visit RAFCAM, they have the finished product for issue in the future.

    We (my unit) asked about the possibility to change a few things to design (bit of velcro here, pocket there etc), RAFCAM explain it take 5yrs to put through conception to product. We designed, built and fielded shite loads of equipment and won a war in 5 yrs!
  7. I'd be suprised if MTP got binned. I think it is spot on in Afghan, especially when it is washed out a bit.

    Would be funny though if they did, as Ive noticed all the military shops are stocking loads of multicam sh1te now.
  8. I think that the mtp will stay but the cut of the uniform will change. As for the septics there looking for 3 yes 3 new camo patterns ( woodland, transitional and desert ) so the multi cam stuff there using is only for afghan and then only for those outside the wire. Family of Camo Patterns Solicitation « Soldier Systems
  9. I'm being issued Pecoc this summer, its the same colour and pattern as MTP but a different material and cut.
  10. Spaz, is that for trials and feed back on tour, or is this the start of the roll out?
  11. It washes out far too easily. It's also one of the thinnest materials available - or so it seems. There isn't enough of it, and not enough of the right sizes especially in UBACS (loads of our midgets looked like MTP sacks strategically tied with string), or at least that was the way it was recently. I believe that the supply may have improved.

    We were informed before the tour that we would be wearing MTP on return to UK. Then got told this was a special for theatre issue and was not going to be worn in UK as a newer version was being issued in the near future.
  12. Rollout, to replace CS95.
  13. Surely the cam will stay the same but the weight of the material will be made the same as the temperate gear rather than the tropical gear that's on issue at present.
  14. I am sure that is what was said in the press release when they first advertised the change.
    a thin material for hot climate that would last the 6 mnths o so of the tour and a thick type ie same as 95 for general wear.
  15. Anyone know the dates for the roll out?