New Neighbour is a Screamer!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blessed baby cakes, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Dear ARRSE

    I've recently had young couple move next door to me, really nice people!

    On their first day they called by to introduce themselves and said if there was any problems to call round at anytime.... Awwww sweet!

    This morning at 0230 I was woken by the sound of what I at first thought was a fight, but as I dragged myself awake I realised it was the opposite!

    Mark was being begged by Ang to do her harder, faster and rougher.... In the room that is separated from my hall by a thick 1860's brick wall :( for the next 3 hours!

    I tried everything, I put on music, I dug out a pair of ear defenders, I hoovered! But they never stopped! :( they must have known I could hear them if they could hear me! :(

    So what do I do?

    Do I go round and say 'so great sex life mind NOT sharing it with me?' or do I pop a note through their door signed A Non asking them to buy a ballgag?

    Please help!

    Beebs :?
  2. How about getting a video recorder and micro fibre optic cable then selling the results on E Bay? That should both stop them and make you a few quid on the side.
  3. ^ Quality idea :-D
  4. Beebs......tape recording of a baby crying (until the newbie arrives), play it really feckin loud when they start and they will think twice. Fantastic form of passive contraception!.
  5. Just wait for the new sprog to arrive & it's screaming will remind them that you can hear everything!

    Job done!
  6. How would my secretly making a video and selling it make them stop?

  7. Im crying and screaming never stopped them!


  8. Or, invite us all round (again) for a night out & we'll all have a good giggle!
  9. Where they shagging?
  10. As with the drill/ fibre-optic idea, but invite the lads around for the premiere. After a few jars one will undoubtedly feel compelled to enter dogging mode and loudly shout "Go on Mark! Harder! Faster!"

    It wasn't you that they heard. No harm done.
  11. Ah bless, it must have been a while sweetheart x x x
  12. Alternativley, you could drill a hole in the wall & think of it as a free show! Then charge all the guys on here to cum see!!
  13. Tooooooooo fcuking right! Er,..... can I ask you something?
  14. :roll: go on then :roll:
  15. i'm all for the lads night out round beebs to shout encouragement to mark. sounds like a quality night out