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New Navy recruits arrive at HMS Raleigh

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New recruits arrive at training establishment - whoo hoo. Recruits pass initial training and throw hats in the air - how very American.


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COs, if this is the best that MoD RSS can come up with is it really worth wasting bandwidth on? This is not 'news', nor is it 'interesting'.


how very gay.

That's week 19, Introduction to Homosexuality, and fondling each others poo holes.
I bow to your superior knowledge on the finer points of Naval man-love training policies and procedures.
If whoever it is who writes this ball achingly shite waste of letters happens to read this, please email your immediate superior, tell him/her that your job is utterly pointless and the post should be shut down immediately then take yourself outside and throw yourself in front of a train. You cunt.
How about doing one of these pieces on "MOD Media Officer writes shite for RSS Feeds"?

Or "Army trucks carry cargo"
Or "RLC drivers drive trucks carrying ammo for the Artillery's guns"
Or "RAF chef cooks 3 meals a day"
Or "RN Officers learn to navigate ships at Dartmouth"
Or "RSM takes charge of parade"
Or "CO gives orders, Majors carry them out"
Or "Bandsmen give concert"
Or "RAF Hercules deliver vital cargo to frontline"
Or "Service schools educate children"
Or "RN dentist pulls teeth"
Or "RAF PTI runs a bath"
OK, I'm bored now.
fixed that for you.

The RSS feed could have at least commented on the shagability of two of the recruits... the one on the right has got both her Mum and Dad working on Raleigh, so keep 'em in your pants boys!
COs, if this is the best that MoD RSS can come up with is it really worth wasting bandwidth on? This is not 'news', nor is it 'interesting'.
I tried jousting at this particular windmill after another one particular sensational scoop exclusive. IIRC the things are automated, so the options are:

Turn off the MoD feed, which would seem a bit unnecessary as this is an army (and grudgingly a crab and navy) site too.
Sack hodloads of MoD press and PR and reduce the density of pump news, which is utopian and unobtainable.

Just regard it as one of the great things about Web 2.0 and be thankful that somehow the 'fat civil servant insisting that they are the equivalent of a 1 star puts in a whole days work on some nosh self-licking lollipop MoD project' sort of news gets filtered out...
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