New Naval Warships

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mitchthebar, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Bloody class ! Only one problem though, would we not be lauching a rowing boat in a pond for the matelows?
  2. Obviously not true - there are no hills in Skegness!!

  3. Wouldn't an F14/F18 be far too expensive for HMS Brown? I would have thought it would be more along the lines of a Bleriot monoplane. However, if they wanted to push the boat out,(pardon the pun), they could probably get their hands on a non flying Sopwith Camel.
  4. Well, we do have previous in that regard:

    Probably one of the least comfortable ways of going to war ever devised - manning a Sopwith Camel on a lighter in the North Sea...
  5. The irony here of course is that there are some people out there in our present government and indeed society who would vote for this! (Awaits Arrse's version of Labour's Praetorian Guard to step in and defend their 'Honour')

    The Navy will become a coastal defence force, with a limited commitment to an EU Navy. To earn extra cash, they might do a few buckshe 'Booze Cruises' to generate a few extra quid for non-essentials... like ammo..
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I dont think they would go that far to be honest. They would instead spend the money on a ethnically balanced committee to decide the best form of deterrent. This comittee would then decide that the most cost-effective deterrent would be to run around the "flight deck" themselves with arms outstretched to either side, shouting out dakka dakka dakka.
  7. What's going on here then - is it a bit like naval kite flying - bit more speed and the plane will take off?
  8. It looks like I was over optimistic with coastal defence duties..

    Luckily for the RN the Pirates put their hands up first, as it was a Close run thing
  9. What's that? A fighter on deck - is that possible?

    These days, we don't fight wars in the open ocean, but operate close to shore, near the enemy bases....................... therefore we don't need air defence aircraft - MOD Spokesperson

    As discussed ad infinitium on the PPRuNe Sea Jet thread.

    Bah! Wibble......

    Anyone else got any amusing aircraft/ship pictures?
  10. Also there is no port there either, or anything else for that matter! hmm...

    Love the cheek of the concept though!
  11. You're not trying.


  12. Pain in the ar$e this one....

  13. It ain't working! Ar$e!