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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Outstanding, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. It has been decided, agreed and accepted that within NATO the National disignator for our forces / country shall be changed from UK to GBR.
    So what?
  2. As it is properly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland I imagine the Royal Irish will be a bit miffed.
  3. NATO does not generally approve of Royalty - most of them don't have it (but then again most of them got their arrses kicked by the Brits in the past!)
  4. Strange though Spams tend to drop the 'Great' so here we have a title with an adjective describing how wonderful we are and the others just have names although in the case of the middle country in North America (I do hate the way they claim the whole lot by describing themselves as Americans) just has a label 'United States'.
    Why don't we have a go at redesignating other countries? So the USA could become the ECC (Ethnically Cleansed Collective) or France LBS(Land of beauracratic stupidity)
    I really must get out more!
  5. Perhaps they should hang on another few months. Then they can skip straight to ENG, SCO, WAL and EIR, after the Scots vote for independence, 'New' Labour sign the surrender documents with Gerry Adams and the Welsh get swept along on a wave of nationalism...
  6. I don't mind what causes it as long as they get swept away.
  7. They alreday have sub designators for regions thus:
    GB-CHA = Channel Islands
  8. But the CI aren't part of the UK or GB, that's why they have a separate designator.
  9. I think I know what´s behind this. I used to work for an oil company in west Africa. We had to regiester all our employees for residency, but when the permits came back from the police, we noticed that we suddenly had a lot of Ukrainian employees. The local police had interpreted "UK" on their residency application form, as Ukrainian. It was too complicated to re-do the whole process so we just left it as it was; my fellow Britons didn´t seem to mind.

    So without reading too much into this, are they preparing to welcome Ukraine into the NATO fold in the near future?
  10. Good bit of lateral thinking there, Jorrocks. And yes, I believe we are.
  11. Really!!? Think they are mate.
  12. [quote="JorrocksSo without reading too much into this, are they preparing to welcome Ukraine into the NATO fold in the near future?[/quote]

    they might be mate but all Nations have changed so Germany is now DEU and the list applies to all Nations not just NATO
  13. So where can I read the list? And what if you're in the British Army, but from NI, Figi, FI etc..

    T C

    Edit to add- Why not give Ukrane UKR? It's not like we were here first or anything!
  14. Link on Monday
  15. Don't we just pay lip service to the NATO requirements and do our own thing anyway? I spent a couple of yrs in a NATO HQ and 'made it up the British Way' all that time - and my German & US bosses appreciated it!