New name for the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Territorial Army (TA)

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  2. Army Reserve

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  3. Reserve Army

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  4. Volunteer Reserve

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  5. National Reserve Forces

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  6. British Army Reserve

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  1. Well ?

    Get voting

    Any better ideas?
  2. The Army
  3. I thought of that but how would we differentiate in the eyes of the public, family, employers and the Regulars?

    Should I add it to the poll?
  4. not on the list but UKRF(A) for UK Reserve Forces (Army). how does that sound?
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Why do you want to differentiate? One Army!

    Q: Are you in the Army?

    A: Yes - part time.
  6. poo

    I like the sound of army reserve, agree that the territorial bit needs to go as it doesn't apply anymore and hasn't done for almost a decade now.

    Plus it just sounds sad. and gives everyone the wrong idea, I even spoke to someone who was suprised we used live rounds, and even more suprised that joining the TA means you are likely to go to afghan or Iraq.
  7. The VSE?
    Very Short Engagement.

    Join up, volunteer, do a tour, get fcuked off with it, go back to the office job.

    I don't mean that out of disrespect to people who have done it, I'd probably do it myself if I wasn't too old now, but isn't that what's happening to a great extent? When I was in there was very little prospect of doing a tour unless you did an S-Type or we had all out war with the Warsaw Pact.


    Ex STAB
  8. No offence taken ex-stab. i did t4, had a really rough tour, and TBH i haven't had the heart for it since. the thought of running around in Brecon shooting blanks at the SNCO's doesn't float my boat. I'm not too keen on the Army Reserve name, WAY too american IMO
  9. Why bother to suggest renaming it on arrse, our Lords and Masters will think it a good and therefore thier idea, have numerous meetings lots of tea and biscuits a few well paid consultancy fees to friends and college chums/flatmates and spend a fortune on a new and trendy sign for it the money could have been spent on pay/equipment etc.
  10. I'm with this idea. The Army (R&TA) is re-branding early next year and is likely to come under the one banner - so to speak. Army Career, full time or part time, no differentiation, nor should there be. The Army career structure is moving towards a complicated version of variable engagements anyway.

    People may, in time, be able to dip in or out, or partially out of a military career; whilst they're in, they will be in the Army, only the level of commitment will vary.
  11. It amazes me that people could even consider changing the name.

    The Army is founded on tradition and tradition is lost when some bleeding-heart left-winger dreams up new packaging. People have been up in arms at the amalgamation of some of the best-known regiments, primarily because the anchor (the name) has been jettisoned for some fad.

    Think back to how many TA Coys have proudly incorporated the name of their forebears in their "new" title as an acknowledgement of their history.

    The role of the TA may have changed, but only in the sense that more duties have been added. The basic concept remains - to provide trained soldiers to supplement the Regular forces in time of need.

    Why bother with a new title, when the old sweats will still describe themselves as being TA, and the youngsters, aspiring to be old sweats, will also refer to themselves as such?
  12. Does it matter?

    Once we're out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the need for IRs will dry up and 'mobilisation' opportunities will dwindle. The TA will then revert to what it was, by and large - a stand-by force. To get rid of the name will remove 100 years (don't forget it's TA 100 in 2008) of history and tradition - particularly in terms of being part of our everyday society.

    TA does what is says on the tin. It just needs to be better treated by the MOD and everyone would be happy anyway.
  13. What about Contingency Reserve – Army Personnel?
  14. Why does it need to be a seperate force, I like the fact that the TA is actually being used to fill in for the regular army, and to be honest I would not have joined the TA of the past. Not because I don't see it worthwhile to learn military skills but because of the cringe value associated with it.
  15. Says it all......

    I don't remember cringing at 03.00, in a freezing trench on Sennybridge in 1986.