New mum and baby in hospital, wot pressie to send

Mates other haklf has just dropped a sprog, I say dropped a sprog, it can through the sun roof

I'm away but want to send something to the hospital (Mum will be staying in a couple of days)

Flowers are out due to hospital rules

I thought some choccies and a DPM romper suit (spud will be a royal marine so may as well get used to the green suit)

Any thoughts please

I'll post this in the Colonel as well for less sensible solutions :D
TopChick said:
bigbird67 said:
unless she's breast feeding, the BIGGEST bottle of alkyhole you can find! After 10 months on the wagon she'll be gagging for a drink!!
Eh?! She an elephant?!
The average length of human gestation is 280 days, or 40 weeks....or ten months, from the LMP!

Presents for the Mum, the baby will get shedloads of stuff! but gift vouchers for baby stuff is good!

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