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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gooner74, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Will the TA be issued with the new MTP uniform in September 2012 ?
  2. I used to have a PSI who helped with such questions.
  3. ok I get the hint, I was just wondering that's all as I'm new to the TA (being attested later today) and I only just read and found out about the new uniform but I guess I'll ask my psi when I find out who or what one is !!!!!!
  4. Why?
    So you can wear it in various guises on petrol station forecourts, the bus, trains, domestic flights, daffodil fields, office buildings, motorway services, KFC/Subway/McD's, the beach, hospitals, a big top ******* circus' or anywhere else you can stand about and glow in self perceived public adulation?
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  5. That's the kind of answer i'd only expect from a bored and lonely little child who ain't got a clue about nothing and judging by your profile picture you are definitely one of them !! Thanks for your reply anyway, you just proved that 'care in the community' doesn't work.
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  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Shouldn't you get your new teeth installed before taking a uniform under false pretences?
  7. If you read the post PROPERLY that's exactly what I am doing and as for any false pretences, well I had a full army medical, I declared it on my RG8 dental notes and I was declared as being dentally fit by my own dentist so what false pretences are you on about ? A false pretence is when you hide or cover up something in order to con and, or fool somebody and I fail to see where I done any of those things so before you try and be clever (as you're obviously very far from being clever) get your facts right
  8. Ps, just for the record the teeth arnt installed, they are implanted !!
  9. So if I understand correctly, you are joining the stabs and the thing that concerns you the most is the uniform. Exactly why are you joining?

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  10. Hopefully to meet girls, as he seems quite! uptight!
  11. I want to join up because i have a lot of respect for our soldiers both past and present and i am very proud of the work they do and i dont wanna be one of the millions that sit about moaning about this country and the bad world we live in but do **** all about it !! I only mentioned the uniform as I read on here that it's changing soon and I just wanted to know a bit more about when it will happen as my brother was a staff/colour sergeant in the RGJ a few years back and he said I can have whatever kit he has left and his friend would sell me other bits and pieces so that's the only reason. I just don't wanna spend and waste money if im not gonna need the cs95 kit that's all.
    Ps, as for the ladies bit from mark the me i really don't have a problem pulling women !!
  12. Come now, you are not joining up per se, you are joining the stabs. Surely you should be concerning yourself with more important things rather then the uniform. You know you get issued the uniform etc? It seems you think looking the part is more important then being the part. Maybe you should join the local airsoft club instead if uniforms are more important to you.
  13. No
  14. Daffodil fields? That's a new one.
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  15. Don't have to use the DS answers on here mate.