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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by milkybarkid31, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. This might appear to be an odd question, however i shall continue.

    With the introduction of the new MTP uniform to troops in theatre what footwear is worn with them, black or desert boots ?

    I only ask as i am due to deploy soon on Herrick 13 and have special feet and need to order my tailored boots now.

  2. "Special"? :D

    Here's a pair that combine the black and desert types:

  3. Are you a hobbit?
  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Chain of command responsibility - you speak to Pl Sgt, he sends you to the CQMS or the QMs Dept. They sort it out. It's what they live for.

  5. On the subject of new uniform patterns, are they going to change the pattern of the issued webbing?
  6. Welcome home flipper!
  7. Hmmm...... I know this is the junior ranks forum but no rank doesnt mean no common sence. Let me just get this straight in my head, your deploying on H13, and your asking wether or not you are to wear your desert boots? in the desert?? The mind boggles.
  8. You can wear black boots if you like, a few do, even in summer. Anyway, winter is cold and wet, so suede boots might not be the best anyway.
  9. Desert? You've just made yourself look a complete prat. No point in having MTP if its a desert is it?
  10. I was issued and wore proboots for TELIC during a winter tour................... Next smart arsed comment?

  11. Im trying to read between the lines here...................

    Although your deploying on Herrick (where you will wear desert boots) is your question geared to just that deployment, or are you asking in a more general term ie: when MTP is rolled out accross the board, will we wear black or dessies as standard?
  12. I think you'll find that the reason we are getting MTP is because the Desert DPM stood out harshly against the generally green area called the "green zone" so called because its lush with crops, vegitation, trees and such like. And more often than not a patol begins from a FOB outside this "green zone" i.e in the ******* desert!! hence the need to have a MULTI-TERRAIN PATTERN. Just because the province has a strip of land on which large amounts of vegitiation grows doesnt mean its not a desert. You sir! are the prat here. The reason why we are issued with desert boots, is because more often than not, black leather boots like the G10 ones are too warm to wear in the desert, therfore boots with better ventilation are issued to make sure you dont end up with feet looking as if you have been in a trench on some french battlefield for two years. Have you ever even been to Afghanistan?
  13. This guy has the right end of the stick, Im actually kind of interested to know myself.....Although I think black boots would look very stuipid with MTP, I can appreciate that wearing desert boots on Ex in the UK might not be the best idea.... plus if we adopt desert boots as standard, CSM's and RSM's everywhere will have a cant polish desert boots.......
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