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I'm currently somewhere hot and sandy, I've seen loads of MTP kit, however I've seen 2 different shirts ; 1)the normal CS95 shirt in MTP, 2) a shirt with slightly different pockets and the same style sleeve pockets that you find on UBACS shirts. Are these shirts trial items or private purchases, they weren't being worn by THEM, just normal soldiers. If they are private purchases, what are they and were can you buy them as I've searched google and come up empty.
They won't be private purchase because you cant buy MTP yet.
Oh yes you can, previous thread mentioned this a couple of weeks ago.


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Actually its Camogrom - the Polish version of MTP. Point is that it looks similar and gorilla might not know the difference. If it has extra pockets it could be the Polish 95 Shirt or a Multicam Shirt or something new. I haven't seen that many 95 style shirts in Multicam (although I have seen a few, they tend to be given away by the Mandarin Collar type favoured by the US Armed Forces), they seem to mostly be UBACS, which is why I suspected gorilla saw a Camogrom shirt bought privately. If the unit did all did the Afghan warm up together, they probably had the same brochures kicking around before they went and bought the same thing as a bulk discount deal. Just an Idea as I haven't heard of a gucci new MTP shirt design.
The above picture looks more like a Crye Field Shirt to me - either way its definitely Multicam.

The point is, however, that there are only either CS95 Shirts or UBACs in MTP in Theatre. And no - despite what TARA thinks - you cannot buy MTP clothing yet (it'll be Multicam). What Gorilla is seeing is either Multicam shirts such as the Crye Field Shirt (possibly worn by US or our "Them" add-ons) or someone has taken MTP CS95 shirts and tailored MTP arms off UBACs onto them. I would suggest the latter is unlikely but you never know!
In theatre it is very easy to get spare UBACS, all you have to do is remove the pockets and take to Cloggie tailors at Bastion 2, she will sew them on to any garment for $10 (I did this with a smock!!). This may have been the action the individuals did??


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