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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Empire, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. The MPC(A) is about to undergo a massive change - it will become more challenging and testing - students will now be tested in the following areas :

    Logistic movement and Planning
    Internal Security
    Dismounted Tactics

    Course Entry Assessments are going to be replaced with ENTRY TESTS. - Students will go if not up to scratch

    You thoughts please

    or failing that how should we train and test our new SNCO's?
  2. Why is Logistics going to be included? Is there going to be a "hash brown" of military training and trade training? Why not dig out the old RAOC Regimental Proficiency 1 & 2 Course or the old RCT Courses. The more tampering with the system the worse it seems to get. The fact that every couple of years it is deemed neccessary to change these courses would seem to support this opinion.

    On the final point should the JNCO's not be the ones tested to display aptitude to become the next SNCO's?
  3. Having just done my MPCA COURSE i found it incredible easy as long as you had a brain cell in your head and a little back bone, putting biffs and non biffs medical wise on the same course is wrong. Coming back from a section attack hanging out of my arrseand having to look at looking at grinning down graded personnel sat around doing nothing was irritating to say the least. Either your fit for course or you arent full stop.
  4. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    well said.

    If you aren’t deployable then you shouldn’t be in

    You should get a ‘thank you for all you have done and pensioned off’.

    I’ve been there and recovered there’s no room for long term undeployable in the modern Army.

    Hard, but fair 60% of the full screws in my last Regt were non deployable.

    30% of these were on happy drugs so you didn’t know what you could do with them (in barracks).

    I even took a mattress on my last Ex to facilitate one lad he lasted 3 day. He's a good tradesman and nice bloke, no place in the modern army though.

    Strong maybe, just ask the 40% that were deployable (mainly divorced and signed off). This just makes the sh*te more concentrated.

    Sore point sorry about the rant.
  5. Non deployable?? then NO X FACTOR any comments??
  6. So you are all saying get rid of the biff's because they are non deployable, being downgraded and non deployable myself through no fault of my own, it dosen't stop me doing my job, and just remember the army is an equal opportunities employer.
    these comments in my opinion are discrimating those that are medically unfit due to factors out of their control.

    what about your mate's that have being injured whilst on tour and have no chance of being upgraded, your saying kick them out, think what they are feeling, and what your saying.
  7. The fact that somebody is downgraded has nothing to do with Equal Opportunities; there is no race/gender quota for who’s on the biff!

    The opinions being expressed on this thread are those that I have heard regarding both the MPC (A) and MPC cse. FE Soldiers attending this cse are extremely annoyed that Soldiers who are downgraded do not have to take part in the physical aspects of the cse and so are not fatigued during their command appointments etc and so for whom the cse is easier. This cse is pass or fail and so clearly an importance has been assigned to its physical aspects. If these aspects are worthy of being in the cse then everyone should do them, downgraded personnel are clearly getting a much easier time.

    Being P3LE does not affect an RLC soldier’s ability to deploy or to do their job (less a few exceptions e.g. asthma to TELIC). However, what cannot be denied is that for good or bad, right or wrong this cse exists and has a given cse content for a reason. Downgraded personnel do not complete this and so to my mind do not properly complete the cse. If the cse content is to include actions on an ambush whilst in convoy, it is surely to assess a SNCO’s ability to react in that situation. If they can deploy, then they can be in that situation if they can’t react correctly then they should not be in a position of command; why then should they be excused being assessed in this capacity? We owe it to our Soldiers to ensure people in tactical command of them have been assessed under physical pressure. I don’t know how you achieve this in a ‘fair sense’ all I know is that the bast@rds who are trying to kill us in the sand pit don’t care about whats "fair."
  8. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    An extremely large amount of RLC soldiers will never do cadre courses or deploy this is an unacceptable situation. What happened to soldier first?

    Your profession is SOLDIER your trade is what you specialise in.

    I have no objection to anyone that can’t soldier if they can deploy in trade, but the key is deploy and carry out dues at trade (I include Regimental duty in this).

    The statement that you can carry out your duties fully is false you can’t deploy and for every tour you miss some overstretched soldier of the same rank does it for you.

    As I said I have been there and my injury will return to haunt me. I won’t sign off (with 5 yrs left I would be daft) but would except Med discharge. I would never want to be carried.

    To add to the MPC thread if you are not fit to SOLDIER or deploy in trade what do you offer. Nothing a civilian could offer on one third of the wages. There are warrant officers and LE officers that have no military leadership training and no operational experience.

    HOW in this day and age!

    Sorry Empire if this has sent your thread on a tangent (and I will retire from it if you wish), but the topic is wider and needs addressing as official policy.

    The deadwood needs to be cut.
  9. No, Crack on it all adds to the tread.

    To put my ten pennys worth in - I have instructed on both the MPC and MPC (A). Put your selves in our shoes, how would you deal with the non FE?

    Personally there is no reason why anyone can not sleep in the field - most doctors seemed to agree when I was running MPC. However the non - FE now seem to find chits that say they cannot sleep in the woods - even with some factors taken into account.

    My personal view is if your not deployable your not promoteable. I believe this is a fair view as a lot of non FE can still do their job on tours.

    Remember people do sustain injuries that are service attributable - being overweight is not one of them.

    to go back to my original post - What do you think should be on the course programme?

    believe me the new content is good challenging stuff.
  10. Maybe not their fault but in all jobs there is a criteria you have to meet, in our case it is to go to war. If you can't do that.........
  11. Entry test aswell. It does seem that we keep going back to this. So it seems that they will run these tests until, enough people can't pass them, then bin them and go for cross course assessments.

    As for logistic movement and planning - this will need to be seen. As one of many RLC trades I can only offer my opinion on planning a logistic move. If you mean how to book out and be safe ala Iraq, then fine but if it is an RCT exercise, then why isn't this part of being a B1 driver or supplier?

    People with opinions, god bless'em.
  12. i agree with promotion courses having a 'physical element' to induce pressure and simulate ops. This may be going off the thread slighlty, but why therefore, do offrs courses not have a mandatory physical element? lead by example and all that.

    NB i'm not interested in the 'sandhurst is physically tough enough' garb.
  13. I heard of the cse Officer on the Long Pet cse trying that and ending up in the poo due to complaining Crabs.
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Is this a move back to the old forming Corps type promotion course?

    Just because we are the RLC why on earth do they feel the need to include Logistic movement and Planning? Is this Logistic bit going to be RLC specific logistics?

    (Although one would have thought that this is skill all SNCO's would need regardless of capbadge).
  15. Will the 'new' cse be aimed at Cpls? I do hope so as it seems to me that you should prove yourself worthy of becoming a SNCO before being promoted! Lets go back to "pass the cse before your CR goes to the board".