New Mossad representative not welcome in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 4, 2010.

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    But Israel refuses. One could guess why? Likely there is a lot of Mossad agents in the UK anyway and some with faked British passports.

    Closely following... and without any attempts to influence?

    Apparently the powerfull forces that are being directed from Jerusalem are actively supporting the Conservatives.

    So they will win.
  2. We should perhaps be flattered that the Mossad bother with us at all. On the plus side for him/her, if there are no invitations to weekend parties in the country, then it could become quite a restful posting. I hope they enjoy their holiday.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's odd KGB Resident. You, a Soviet, godless Communist, suggesting that the Jews will decide the result of British elections from Israel to suit their own ends . . . . . ouch, sh!t, I just got a shock of my metal hat!
  4. Well, I agree that British elections are not that significant for Israel as American ones.

    But in a coalition government the LibDems could get FCO at their disposal with quite unpleasant outcome for Israel.

    By the way, mr.Clegg as Foreign secretary would be logical decision. And as a smart person he could be very active.
  5. Thought Mr Blair had sorted the middle east out? :p
  6. Didn't he get a Nobel prize too like ol' Flap-Ears for that? :? If so, why hasn't the Middle East stayed sorted? :? :evil:
  7. Nice selective quoting there Sergey...
    With regards to your boring Elders of Zion ramblings... get a life.
  8. Flattered? I think not! They probably chose to use British passports because UK Immigration policy has been so very lax during the last ten years. A friend of mine who was an immigration officer at Heathrow airport told me that time after time she and her colleagues pulled people for having forged passports, some of them so bad a child could have spotted the fakes, yet time after time they were told from London to let the fake passport holders into UK. She told me that after several years of it, her and her colleagues just gave up and concentrated on looking for known terrorists or criminals, letting in all but the most blatantly obvious fake passport holders.
  9. Dear friend, I placed the link and anybody is free to read the full text of the article.

    So it was promissed earlier. So why not to repeat the promiss now? Namely the refusal looks as an indirect confession in the forgery.
  10. As we are strapped for cash, perhaps we could produce officially forged passports with no checks at 100 times the price of the real ones. On the plus side, it would put the forgers out of business. On the minus side the operation would have to be privatised, the government would have to pay a grant for machinery, youth employment schemes and so forth, set up a quango to oversee it all, and I doubt if we would ever get much tax back.