New mortar ammunition?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by brewmeister, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Just got back from live firing in Warcop and we were issued American ammo with a new charge system. M889A1 - max charge 4 - 5900m. FCA wasn't compatible but luckily every 4th or so box came with a range disc. Made the CPO's life a bit more interesting, but it worked. Has anyone else come across it?
  2. Must save the No 3 and No 2 from several canings-reduced their options on cocking up the charges. :scratch:
  3. Appears similar to the British Mk 4 Chge system, albeit with a slightly longer range.

    Apart from the M935 fuze heard nothing of using yank natures and there is no real requirement to.

    Were you at Warcop outside of normal training - i.e doing a trial with this stuff?
  4. No. Instructing on a numbers cadre. Only 4 augies (a bit bigger than Mk 4) and the bombs come three to a tin. Each round packed in a cardboard tube like a bottle of malt whisky. Max range 5900m.
  5. I hate to intrude into something that I admit I know bugger-all about, but isn't this discussion a bit against OPSEC? If not, I apologise for being a bit keen.
  6. Is that my Taxi already?

    Don't worry, I can find my own way out...
  7. Had a talk on my Pl comd/2i/c course by BEA or who ever it was back in 90. He was talking about this and suggested that a senior commander in the US had a very nice house on account of the 4 charge system. He was a little miffed that they did not buy their system.

    By the way has ours changed.
  8. Yeah, You tell em Windy,

  9. Youll probably find that we have had to borrow from Uncle Sam as usual. 81mm ammo is now in the same bracket as the L109. Op use only. I planned to run a range in Nov for throwing grenades told to volunteer to deploy or you wont get them, same now for 81mm HE.
  10. Do the new mortar bombs allow you to bang them on the ground and then throw them like grenades?

    If not, I ain't interested.
  11. You'd need arms of Garth to throw 'em far enough - they weigh 10lbs each! :D
  12. We got a shite load of Yank ammo on our camp in sennybridge.
    Bit of a shock to say the least.
    Yeah made life interesting.....all over come though just takes longer to come up with the orders for the numbers.......then some uk rounds were exchanged for them.
    Did I breathe a sigh of relief(being cpo at the time).
  13. How do you make those massive green mugs out of that?
  14. I know! It went all soggy. I really don't know how the Septics function - can't make a mug from a greenie and no brew kit in their rations. (Shakes head in dismay and wanders off muttering "No tea. NO TEA!?")