New Model Army and REME postings

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Hi All
    So the Inf are nearly all one feckin Regt now and will be staying in one Gaff forever and Tanks and Arty do a good job of being in the same place for many a moon.
    How long is it before us REMEs start to get longer postings?
    Is it something any of you fancy (yes if its Cyprus, no if its Tidworth!)
    I dont mind the disturbance allowance but i could well fancy a cushty pipe and slippers lifestyle too.
  2. Catchyerself,
    It seems to be happening now in various Garrisons. I have been in this area for 7 years, posted to various units within the area. I also know of quite a few who have done the same sort of thing (Sometimes MCM Div do listen, plus it is cheaper...).
    Works for some, not for others.
    This was mentioned about 3-4 years ago, but I don't think that anything came of it, or perhaps I should say, the results weren't made public.
  3. Try it with Catterick.....not a feckin chance of it!!
  4. With the grouping of brigades in certain Garrison areas, it should be possible to serve most of your career in one garrison if not the same Unit....

    Take Tid-bostal...

    Cfn VM at firstline Inf. LCpl VM at REME Bn. Cpl VM at Armour or Bde Sig Sqn. Sgt VM at Engrs or Tiffy Course (which would require a move yes, I know). Return to Tid-bostal Bty Ftr Sect tiffy, Arty regt. Move to REME Bn as AQMS. Move Bde HQ as BASM.

    One garrison, one career. Hypothetical I know but you can't argue that it doesn't lack depth of employment.
  5. I think REME M&R would disagree with you there Maj B

  6. Tid-bostal ..... 8O 8O 8O Son, best you get outside and have a 'chat with yerself'... if that dont help then get on down the med centre and ask for help...... you need it!!!! ....................... fancy, staying in Tid-bostal any longer than it takes to get from one end t' other sat in an F3 with the big flamy thing going flat out 8) (oh and as for Perham Down... just dont go there....)

    Tidders ... Sad oh so sad...
  7. No chance of Catterick - no vacancies for VM's apparently.

    Asked for the NE, ended up withmost southern post in UK!!!!

    Retention - what does that exactly mean????
  8. You mean we could spend our whole career in or around Bordon??? 8O :cry: :(

  9. When I moved to tidders in 99 , it was a real sh1thole believe me. Now it is looking better. Additionally I have a life outside the green machine so being here does not really bother me. Thereis everything I need here or within driving distance in Andover or Salisbury. So people who moan about this area had better look in the drumbeat and see what is available, motivate themselves and go and do it.
  10. Actually there is one thing that Tidders needs, a nice Restaurant to go with the old dear. The Boot in Shipton Bellinger can be a bit of a trek, though thefood is good and portions huge.
  11. gamekeeper.- i know three stripey vm's been in Catterick for 9 years
  12. Tell me about it.

    You get settled, family established.

    Pick up


    they send you to the farthest corner of UK
  13. you get settled, by a house in Dorset, pick up, ask for anywhere SW 1st or 2nd line, they send you to Fallingbostal

    oh, i'm a civvy now!! Retention?! is that of the **** variety?? :lol:
  14. Sounds about right that, must admit, becoming a civvy is looking better by the minute.

    Oh, forgot to add about the lack of quarters in Catterick & here's me owning my own house up here!!!

    Right, off to job centre!!!
  15. So it brings me on to another question.
    I have heard about little lists that do the rounds of all the particular posts for Trade groups.
    Dunno whether it was just some Cellar Dweller bored one day with the telephone directory and a pen and paper.
    Anyone heard or hold these?
    Forewarned forearmed or whatever it is eh if i can say to my Crafties 'look such and such a catchment area has 50 squillion posts but where you want has one' Do the maths Snodgrass!
    How do unspec Tiff/Artisan posts fit into this too?
    My little brain works to the assumption of tell me what is available and i will pick from it, not let me waste paper and ask for non vacant posts on my PPP.
    Cheers all.