new MOD rations

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wildcard.rgbw, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. We've got new ration's to be looking forward joke, over 38 in total: 20 General, 6 Sikh, 6 Vegetarian and 6 Halal.

    They're to be known as "Multi-Climate Ration's".

    I swear we'd only just overhauled our menu's!

    Here's an example of menu 1 of the 24 hour MCR pack.

    Menu 1 Components (Full List)

    1 x Porridge Strawberry

    1 x Western Tuna Pasta

    1 x Steak & Vegetables

    1 x E Exotic

    1 x O Raspberry

    1 x Lemon water flavour

    1 x Fruit Cocktail in Pineapple

    1 x Tabasco Red

    1 x Fruit & Nut

    1 x Strawberry Castus

    1 x Fruit & Oat Snack

    1 x Jam Sandwich (Sh'bury)

    1 x Apple/Rasp/Blackcurrant

    1 x Drinking Chocolate - Regular

    1 x Tissues - 10 pack

    1 x Boiled Sweets

    1 x Re-useable poly bag

    4 x Sugar sticks

    4 x Bev Whitener

    2 x Coffee sticks

    2 x Teabags

    1 x Matches

    1 x Steri Tabs blister 6 pack

    2 x Wet Wipes

    1 x Chewing Gum speamint

    1 x Chewing Gum peppermint

    1 x Chewing Gum menthol

    1 x Spoon
  2. Why is this interesting?
  3. The ol' Choc pudd was nice. And the chicken pasta thingie
  4. yep!! i like tabasco sauce! dunno about the rest!
  5. Woo real tea bags!... personally I don't mind the powder tea... I take it to uni... much cheaper to pay 5p for a cup of hot water than 50p for an even worse fairtrade tea bag
  6. Just 2 cups of tea?? Madness i tells ya!
  7. Are you for real? You post all sorts of shit and then start on how two teabags makes your day at university, why don't you buy the fuckers like everyone else. we've all eaten rat packs before, some of us when there were tins in them, we've seen changes before, why is this any different?
  8. Is this the type of rations that our poor MPs (ie Alan Duncan) are having to live on?

    [marq=down]Is it wrong I want to rip his bolloks off and stamp on his head.[/marq]
  9. Cutting back on the hot drinks a bit?
  10. Lighten up and not be such a grumpy cnut, that's my 2 pence for people like you.
  11. And yes, they are new ration pack concept's, seeing as how the contract has been awarded to a different company altogether so we may be seeing some of our most well loved dishes going away, but at least we don't lose the boilies, AND we get 3 sticks of gum :D
  12. Pikey cnut!
  13. No not especially, your still getting 4 coffees, 2 t-tags, 1 citrus flavoured hot drink, 1 hot chocolate
  14. Not grumpy, just wondering why a gobshite student feels the need to post uninteresting rubbish on a military site. Do you know what women are for?
  15. With 6 year's TA, and 2 FTRS's, and yes I know what women are for... a variety of thing's! Some men simply like to enjoy their company, some like them only for sexual purposes, some like to parade an attractive one around as a trophy, do you know what they're for?... and yes, it is being grumpy :)