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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Why?

    Did any of the Service Chiefs have a look at this monstrosity before idly nodding it through?

    It is dreadful. Black & white FFS, and completely lacking in style. And, what is more, and this is why I largely posed question 2, why has the Navy lost it's bit of rope from the 'Fouled Anchor', the symbol of the Admiralty since the 1700s?

    Next question: in these days of frugality, when for instance one needs One Star approval to go anywhere in an MT vehicle, how much did this pointless exercise cost?
    Costs to pay some knobber to scratch around with his pencil and dream it up?
    Costs of implementation?
    Waste of existing 'branded' kit as it gets thrown away as 'out of date'.

    How long will it be before the next clever little thruster in the 'Good Ideas/Emperor's New Clothes' department comes up with another cunning wheeze and changes it again? It's not as if it hasn't changed fairly recently as it is.

    Is it designed to save money on ink? Are things really that bad? A drop in the ocean compared with the colossal wate of money caused by the recent Railway fiasco.

    Finally, haven't our glorious leaders got better things to be worrying about?
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  2. Yes, which is why this went through on the nod. perhaps it's to get with the modern way? Why not a Banksy?

    Here's a suggestion for improvement. Are you there, CGS?

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  3. I knew you'd ask that - I'm struggling to copy it over. Have a look at the MOD website, it's on the top of that.

    This is the not so 'old' one, which I think looks jolly smart:
  4. ^ FFS that raised a smile but of course the wondeful system won't let me "like". Pish & Drivel result, pointless change, massive waste of money ..... it'll be a Head Office number then!!
  5. Err... it doesn't strike me as being hugely different and will cost less to print. Are you certain that it has replaced the colour one completely? Many companies maintain a 'stable' of logo versions for different purposes.

    Edited to add, its usual practice to waste out existing stock over a roll-out period too, so maybe not such a wasteful exercise. Unlike re-branding Regiments, that is...
  6. by changing to B&W the money saved on printer ink will save a reg from disbandment.
  7. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    When a big commercial company is destined to go tits up due to managerial stupidity, there are two early warning symptoms:

    -- They build a hugely expensive white elephant of a new corporate headquarters
    -- They engage a very expensive consultancy firm to design a new logo and 're-brand' the concept.

    We've just got the logo.

    Will the re-branding be "fitted for - but not with - military force"?

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  8. Money saving is probably right. There's a lot of this pointless stuff going on at the minute. Most depts aren't allowed to send first class mail and are being advised not to print stuff off unless absolutely necessary.

    It's all bollocks when you luck at the money that will be spent on bringing in universal credits, the west coast rail fiasco and the upcoming update of the DWP's I.T. systems.
  9. Let's hope that's irony br
  10. Wordsmith - ehmmmm, I think we've got the building too - drive past Andover - definately past - on no account stop!
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  11. If they refilled ink catridges rather than buying new ones we could affort the cats and traps on the new carriers!
  12. Stuff the carriers - what about ......... a decent rifle that may, or may not be Self Loading
  13. **** sake, they changed the logo to black and white....

    Big ******* deal. I want to have your problems guys.

    Huge waste of time and resources? Complaining about it is.
  14. P_G I don't think it's about the logo mate. And since when were we not EXPECTED to moan about stuff?!