new mod house purchase scheme for those with 4-6 years servi

I thought this sounded a good idea, until I read it all. Why such a narrow eligibility band and the sort of nubers they are talking about are not made clear, minimum of 250, what's the maximum?
a bit of spin in my opinion! essentially, a Capt married to a Maj with a joint income of over £80k could apply, but a longer serving Cpl can't! Surely it would have been better to cap the income rather than the service length?
I understand that this is a trial. I suspect that if all goes well they will probably open it up to others in stages. In the long run, I suppose that it will work out cheaper than all those MQ's.

On the downside, the website makes it pretty clear that they want a perfect credit record. That would preclude quite a few blokes in my section!
It is the usual government spin, you know, 'look how we are helping soldiers' by actually not helping us at all. £20 million as a budget? Whats that? 300 houses max at todays prices? Also, 4-6 years service? So, you join at 18, you are eligible from 22-24 years old.

How many 22-24 year olds do you know that want to spend their money on housing when they could spend it on beer, girls, cars, etc?

Yes, 90% take up will be young officers who do not have a life but have better financial sense than young soldiers.

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