New MOD funding idea.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bobath, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. After reading about HMS Iron Duke makeing a mid-ocean drug bust. Taking up to £40m worth of coke of our streets I got to thinking.

    The MOD could fund itself. The illiegal drug trade is worth billions, but they have a distribution and supply problem. We have ships, that should be hard to board. We have planes that avoid civvie airports and we have enough guns and ossorted heavy metal to take over any patch, in any city we like. We have poeple in central America (balize) and one of two folk in Afghan.

    Should the MOD start to move and sell drugs around the world?

    Now it might sound like a bad idea, but with a little tinkering we could rid the UK of smack and crack-heads by cutting the stuff with warfrin or some such. Imagine the delight of makeing some cash for new armour in the Stan and offing Winehouse and Doughty at the same time.
  2. We've got the supply market cornered for Smack as well - direct trade with the Afghani farmers, cut out the middleman and increase the profits.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    We'd have to cut Customs & Excise in on the deal. They occasionally send sniffer dogs round ships coming from the Caribbean.

    We could also go in for "arresting" valuable ships and cargoes on the high seas
  4. Now thats just Piracy.

    I'm sure Cumstoms and Excise need some shiny new things. Wagons, uniforms etc. iIf we cn start supllying the European market as well we'll be laughing.
  5. Gentlemen, can I please ask you to delete your posts and lock this thread? FFS there is such a thing as operational security after all, as I was only commenting to CDS (Chief of the Drugs Staff) or "Mr Big" as he is known in Mainline Building.
  6. Unless of course the coast guard was Iranian...

    Has the Navy dispensed with the Services of Ms Turney and co? Or could they be they sacrificial goats thrown out to be caught while the big boys on Illustrious swan by with a cargo full of smack.
  7. You loose-tongued fools! Blow this one and the USN and USAF will scoop the pot...
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Issued Letters of Marque by Her Majesty and targetting only nations we don't like and who don't have the stomach to fight back.

    So that'll be France then
  9. before anyone complains about morals
    we did this before the opium wars it was'nt about us stopping the supply of drugs :twisted:
    right hand in the dessies pick up the pastal suits and start learning spanish :twisted:
    why kill off the crack and smackheads there not addicts there valued customers :twisted:
    looks like the hac will be getting there private jet after all :D
  10. If we play our cards right we can suplly most of Europe. That way killing off the druggies in Britain will improve everyones lifestyle but only have a small impact on our profit margin.
  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    It also has the added advantage that Terry Taleban will be cut off from most of his funds. This is the way the British Empire used to fight, sell arms to our enemies, buy them back from his troops for a reduced price, take over the country and rinse and repeat.

    Just for reference, how many tonnes of columbian talcum powder do you think you could fit in the torpedo tubes of a T-boat? And what would this be worth? We need Guns or Acient Mariner in here as a technical consultant me thinks
  12. Killing your customers is a pretty bad business plan.
  13. Killing them and their like off will be good for the UK, we give our home grown addicts (sorry, victims of society) unusually pure batches of drugs after supplying heavily cut batches. We kill off the UK's drugs scum making UK a much nicer place indeed. Then we supply the rest of the world with reasonably priced, high quality pharmaceutical products for recreational purposes.
  14. Ha. Might get a bit more grim for the gangsta´s and their homies. They pull out "stanley" (at best a MAC 10) mean while the Drums Platoon set up a gun line.... :D

    Stable belts become "gang colours" and Warriors get pimped.
  15. please do not lower the tone of perfectly good idea by bring 'your street talk here about warriors getting pimped' etc FFS.

    Have a few nice spots in mind to start the Drums Plt off with... and the thought of a bog standard warrior being parked on some of our nations finest so brings a cheer to my heart.