New Mod for the A2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Along with the ULG seems the boffins want to add this to the A2

  2. dont you mean ugl?
  3. Why........

    If you have to fire The weapon in the scenario it's designed for, ( assault rifle ) I think they'll know we are there.

    Is'nt that some walt airsofter
  4. There's no buttstock number on the rifle... but the susat appears to have wear :S
    and is it just me but is the safety catch on fire????
    I smell an airsofter, and it ain't pretty
  5. either that or the barrel is stuck in a tube of pringles!
  6. good.
    muzzle blast signature is the enemy within the ranks.
    temporary hearing loss with your ears buzzing, hard to hear commands and radio, and leads to long term hearing loss and tititus.
    when you pull the trigger the firing signature noise is made by two things, one, the hot highly pressurised propellent gasses impacting and quenching on the atmosphere, second, the projectile breaking the sound barrier.
    a suppressor on the end on the barrel 'catches' the muzzle blast pressure wave as it emerges, reducing it to sub-sonic velocitys with a coresponding greatly reduced sound level.
    you still get the 'crack' of the projectile as it breaks the sound barrier,
    a well made supressor can reduce the signature of a 5.56 to that not much more than a .22RF magnum. this means you can quite happily fire the weapon with no tempory hearing loss, or risk of permanant long term ear damage.
    a supressor on your rifle also reduces recoil and the extra weight at the end of the muzzle keeps you aligned on target with less 'wobble' for quicker more accurate repeditive fire.
    also the NME cannot hear your muzzle blast or see the muzzle flash, to tell what direction hes being fired at from.
    should be compulsory issue for all front line troops.

    'and heres one i prepared earlier..............'
  7. Cannadian tatical are a professional company who have made and supplied a lot of supressors to SF type units all over the world, as well as on the civvie market where they are legal.
    i'm guessing they have submitted thier assault rifle model for testing going off that pic.
  8. What about reduction in muzzle velocity of the round? How easy are they to maintain in somewhere where uk forces might be using them (say for example, somewhere hot and dusty where you're out on patrol, rather than just one focused CT op)
    I think there's several reasons why we're without silencers/suppressors, ballistics being the main one? (not cynical to say cost... ok... cost :p)
  9. Let's face it. For the Supressor to be of any tactical use.

    Would the A1/2 be the weapon of choice for the Op. :?
  10. The A1/A2 can be tatical, however for quiter ops taking the slr and giving them a little kiss with the butt is gonna be just and quiet and effective :D
  11. I can reliably inform you all that it has been tested in the guise above, and was proved very very useful, as it also destroys any muzzle flash. Therefore at night you will not be giving away your fire position.

    Those who tested it, were very very impressed!

    oh yeah and it was a very very ENGLISH company who has been involved with the whole process.
  12. a supressor has nothing to do with round velocity. it only catches the muzzle blast.
    you loose no round velocity.

    to get a absolute minimum muzzle signature you have to use sub-sonic ammo, as not to get the crack of the projectile breaking the sound barrier.

    this is a common misunderstanding with 'silencers'

    one of the best standard calibers to use with a supressor is .45acp Colt, a big fat projectile going at just below the seed of sound.

    a lot (well most to be honest) of the stuff you see from hollywood or on the telly is bollocks, like putting a supressor on a revolver, you still get a hell of a bang from the gap betwen the cylinder and the barrel
  13. ah ok I stand corrected
    I had lumped suppressors and silencers together, and in my limited knowledge I knew silencers to use sub-sonic ammo which really wouldn't help the sa-80 (5.56 is only little :p)

    however, we would have to use a huge amount of black and nasty to fix the bayonet, unless they can come up with a solution. Bayonet quiter than a suppressor :D