New Mobilization Hardship Allowances 14 Apr 05 - HELP


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Anyone who can point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful.

There is a new system which came into place wef 14 Apr 05 for claiming Mobilization Hardship Allowances etc. For example, self-employed people used to have to get all their accounts audited by a qualified accountant before they could go through the very long and complicated claim procedure, but now apparently the claim procedures have been massively simplified. I say an article in MOD Focus magazine saying that the new procedures came into effect on 14 Apr 05, but didn't say where to go to find details of them.

I have a lot of very well paid (and many self-employed) TA soldiers, and I need to get my hands on this document to give them the reassurance that volunteering for mobilization will not supper them financially. At the moment most of them are reluctant to volunteer.

If anybody can point me in the direction of the source material (or even a reference) I would be very grateful. My unit admin staff are not aware of the new rules, and have not been able to provide me with the information I need.

I have DII Intranet access, if that might be of use.

First of all, allow me to congratulate you for raising this question. Sharing this kind of information is one of the ways in which ARRSE can be so useful.

Try this link for starters:

New financial assistance for Reservists and their employers

beyond that, try a Google for Reservists' Hardship Award which was the name of the old scheme.

There is an Army Welfare Information Service factsheet at
but at first glance it has not been updated.

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