New MMA Forum Offers To Help Them Out

This is a brand new website published by someone I know with my help, he is aware of the work done by Arrsers and military charities.

He has offered to donate all profits for at least 6 months - from Google ads to the Help Them Out appeal.

He has also indicated looking at extending this in some way beyond that period.. yet to be established. But something will be done.. that's for sure.

He has also indicated that he will personally donate MONEY for every new ACTIVE forum member that PM's admin with the password ARRSE. (NOT ARRSE ADMIN - SEE URL BELOW)

To ensure there is no confusion over what the word ACTIVE means, he has asked that new members make at least 10 on subject post before sending the password to admin.


Please do not click the ads just to generate cash for the cause. I know it will be tempting and I sympathise with that attitude. However, for advertising revenue to have any long term benefit to the causes, it must be of a quality and unless advertisers receive a return on their investment they will withdraw.
Please only click the ads if you are genuinely interested in the product or service.

Please read the terms before registering... just like you always do..

Just like everything to do with Help Them Out, it is a reaction to a need, we'll make a plan as we go along.... thingies will change.

Please remember... the site is about MMA..NOT THE ARMY - do not join if you are not interested in MMA. Please do not bang on about the Army or ARRSE (do that on Arrse)...


Not being funny but most people that are into mma including many pro fighters already post here

I'll be in Notts tomorrow at Enter the RH 7 - Cage Warriors event, hopefully will have some pics for the site. It's not competing with them or any of the other MMA forums - we are just having some fun and if it generates a few quid for causes.. that's a good thing too.. which it will.. is doing already.

If you are there (notts), I'll be the old git wearing the black T'shirt with on my back.. if you see me... give me a nudge.

Just a quick sample from the pics I'll be posting along with a report on Cage Warriors later this week.

To be fair (to me) my camera threw in the towel and I was using my stand by camera, which also threw in the towel for the last 2 fights. So unfortunately from my cage side position... for the last 2 and best 2 fights of the night... I could only sit and watch :lol: . New replacement camera is on order - in readiness for next cage fight event. Soon to be announced.
Enter The Rough House 7, Full report plus EXCLUSIVE pictures.


Pictures above in this thread to be deleted - they'll be deleted from the server shortly.

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