Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. I have just been awarded £100K research grant as part of my PhD by the MoD to do a longditudanal study of forming a Window Lickers Regt that would be 100% manned by mongs. Obviously they would not need pay so we remove the AGC pay clerks out of the equation but I trying to define a dedicated role and some trades that we could promote thru' the AFCO's. I need to put firm costings together along with non mong tradesmen that would be embedded with this new Regts ORBAT to make it a self contained expeditionary unit. I want to have a couple of chefs to make ice cream and an RAMC Medic but need a helping to define a role and firm up the size and capabilities as well as to get a name for the new Regt. Any help would be appreciated !
  2. How about a Driver Regt or would that be too complicated for mongs.
  3. Sorry drivers are below mongs !
  4. BUT....

    If you do that - how are they going to recruit for the RAF Regt?
  5. Your going to need lifeguards, a Regt of drooling mongs is going to create massive pools slobber!

    I do however know several officers who could indeed fill both rolls as non mong troop cmd's and stand in mongs when they get tight.
  6. And an Interpreter and they will only march in pairs holding hands
  7. Might have to make it a Regimental policy of no head dress will be hard pulling a beret over their huge foreheads too
  8. The Jerasulem Highlanders. Don't know why, just like the sound of it. They could wear the O'Flahertty tartan-black and white.
  9. Mine clearance.... ? The flailing arms and legs as they run are reminiscent of the drum and chain assembly fitted to tanks! The expense of losing a uniform would be offset by the savings made on both ice cream consumption and extra laundering required to remove drool/ice cream stains :wink:
  10. I like the name but in kilts? There i have an issue, although the sight of 200 window licking giant headed grinners marching in skirts flashing there clinker riden balls at the enemy.......jesus i'm scared just typing this.

    And they could put there colostomy bags in there sporons!
  11. I know. Wrong in so many ways...yet....strangely fascinating.
  12. There's a job for Abacnut then.
  13. Mine clearene or self mobile MLRS ammo from the other thread.
  14. Steady Dan man - you don't want to overtax your obvious store of originality... :twisted:

    The badge in this regiment would be truly fearsome. Perhaps he would be not merely monged up but equipped with Tourette's Disease in order to get his message across to 400 ESN mongsketeers?