New mini-tank

great now we only need to ind a mini war to fight it with .
Since we gave our empire away .Why do we need to be able to fly an army half way round world at drop of hat ? Just because we can dosent mean we should or did we sign on to be new world order policemen because bush thinks it a good idea . :?
Will the introduction of the 'mini' tank see the introduction of the first Gurkha Cavalry Regt?
A comment from the report

"If we had had this new tank in the Gulf we could have attacked Saddam's forces in days rather than weeks."

How true this is I couldn't say, I'd expect we would still have had to wait until all the support units and RAF contingent were in place before crossing the start line.

If this comes off some of the heavy Regiments may be re-deployed as part of the UK's Rapid Reaction Force and give some serious weight to the likes of 16AA and 3Cdo. That said I still think heavy armour is a must, regardless of the type of conflicts we may find ourselves in.


well looking at the plans for it , i must say a small local armour support will be handy while heavy armour are deployed for larger scale ops and supports for smaller units in addition to mini tanks .

more armour is always a good thing


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As the RM found out a few months ago, an 'obsolete' enemy T55 is pretty nasty when all you have is tracked Volvos with maybe a .50 each....

This thing is better than nothing, at least. Don't think it will come into service with us though....


I especially liked the bit about the 2 billion pound cuts that were coming in at the same time-that'll certainly improve matters.
from the people who brought you SA80.
There going to technically produce a Minitank with the same lethality and proctection as a C2 but fit it in a herc.
I belive them :p
better off with something like an upgraded Spartan covered in reactive armour and mounting javelin the new fire and forgat tank missile.
Thats technically doable
putting a 120mm cannon on an 8 tonne body
with armour that cann stop tank rounds I don't think so

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