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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by tampontony, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. What a ******* Cheek !!!!

    Under Secretary of State for Defence, Derek Twigg, said:

    "The new hospital will offer outstanding facilities for military patients. Working in partnership with University Hospital, we already provide first-class medical treatment and care for our Service patients.

    "The military ward in Birmingham's new hospital further demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible care for military casualties.

    "We will build on the success of the current ward at Selly Oak as we move to the new hospital at Edgbaston."

    Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of the Defence Staff, said:

    "Service personnel who are injured on operations deserve the very best medical care we can provide. I am confident that the treatment delivered at Selly Oak is already world class and we will continue to improve on that in this new ward.

    "Importantly, the further development of a military atmosphere within the NHS hospital will ensure that our people are cared for in an environment that is conducive to their recovery and well being.
    "All of this amongst the most modern facilities of their kind in Europe, and all under the continuing care of the joint NHS and military staff of the Birmingham Hospitals. I am very grateful to the staff for their dedication and professionalism."

    Why Did they close Military Hospitals
  2. As I have gone on about on many threads on this subject, I cannot understand why when they closed down all the Military Hospitals worldwide they could not fund at least one dedicated Military Hospital in the UK.

    Fighting the cold war very little casualties, many dedicated hospitals. Fighting many real wars, large number of casualties, NO dedicated hospitals.

    Injuried troops BETRAYED in my humble opinion.

  3. Government priorities have changed.

    You, me and our injured colleagues are only given the attention we get 'cos anything else would cost them votes!

    Forget the Military, become an Immigrant!
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    All the old UK Military Hospitals are now no longer economical to return to their former glory, even Haslar is a money leech costing millions just to maintain, no wonder the NHS is keen to offload it for some rather fetching seaview apartments.
  5. Ah yes but I also heard a report on the radio going on about how great it will be.
    I thought it was all jolly good until I heard them say
    ''The ward will accomodate around 30 patients''
    Well whoop de fcuking do
  6. Not just Government Priorities RAF_Nurse, as I recall, the end of days for Military Hospitals began with the loss of Higher Professional Training for DOCTORS in military hospitals; followed shortly afterwards by our esteemed nursing colleagues losing their 'training ticket' by the RCN, am I wrong? If I am then I APOLOGISE.. As I remember it was nothing as gracious as providing the whole AMS with the right access to clinical experience... I would love nothing more then to see Military Hospitals open again, those were ther DAYS! Camaraderie, Camaraderie, Camaraderie.
  7. Not a Wah!

    How does Frimley park fit into all this? Surely that's a Military hospital - couldn't we use those facilities for injured troops and keep them in a quasi-military environment?
  8. No Frimly Park is not a mil hospital, it is an NHS trust hospital that has military staff working in it staffing a couple of wards theatres and other depts.
  9. my good friend and esteemed collegue from the good old days Bulldog is totally correct, there is no actual military 'wing' within Frimley Park Hospital (or any MDHU) as there is at Musgrave Park Hospital, the staff are integrated into the NHS staff, there were two military wards but they are long gone, there were two operating theatres manned by Military ODPs & Scrub nurses (Surgeons & gasmen were either Mil or Civ depending on the list) but they are also gone, I tried to keep the Army theatre staff working together as a team while I was there but I hear that is sadly no longer the case.

    Sad to see that when we had Military Hospitals our off duty books were full of staff, they close and MDHUs happen and we are struggling for staff, many do not join the Army to work in the NHS.
  10. I've said this before, but I think it bears repeating:

    I suspect that many people in the military thought, when the MDHU concept was 'sold' to them, that an MDHU would be like the Duke of Connaught Unit at Musgrave Park - a military medical unit within the grounds of an NHS hospital, with access to NHS specialist care when needed.
  11. how (unfortunatley) wrong were people to be!
  12. Sepia tint on

    Ahh! Military Hospitals, clean tidy wards, smart pressed and starched uniforms, a sense of belonging to an organisation you've chosen to work for, a commitment to providing care to an injured colleague, an inherent bond between staff and patients, a knowing where you are in the organisation and that the organisation cares about you, a structured hierarchy familiar to all serving personnel.

    And the civvies loved the traditional values of the military hospitals.

    Sepia tint off

    Not withstanding the arguments that drove the decision to close the Mil Hosps - they were deemed to be valid at the time, we are in a different time clinically, politically and operationally now.

    If we step away from the idea that the AMS provide an all inclusive standalone Health Service, and look at providing Secondary Healthcare (and Out patient follow up/physio etc) for Service personnel by Service personnel, with interface with the NHS (based on clinical need) as and when required, then a solution could found.

    With the Political will (to provide funding etc) there is, IMHO, no reason why a Mil Hosp cannot be established.

    HPT for Drs can remain on rotation through the NHS and Mil Wards.
    Nurse Trg is through Universities now.

    CPD, and if necessary after TNA, clinical skills training (for all HP's), can be done through University and Clinical placements in the NHS (a bit like the MDHU's do now).

    This merges the benefits of Mil Hosps with the benefits associated with NHS expertise.

    Sorry if I have added nothing to the debate other than state the obvious.


    edited to add: 2 hrs to post so missed Viro Bono's input
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Local coverage


    Sadly, none of this has appeared in the London papers.

    Thought medical perss might wish to sight......make up your own minds.
  14. different people have different experiences.

    I think the majority of the bad news came from the 'early days'.
  15. Just another thought.With Catterick fast becoming a super garrison with numbers fast approaching twenty five thousand and more plus their families. A large chunk of real estate (the former DHK) which is not being used and also a large civilian population within the Richmond area. Just an idea, would this not a prime location for a military hospital....?