New Military Training System

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easesprings, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. Minister Unveils

    British troops can now train on one of the world’s most advanced virtual battlefield simulators in a state-of-the-art military training system officially unveiled by Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach on 24 June 2004.
    Joint & Battlefield Trainers, Simulations & Synthetic Environments IPT
    British ground troops are to receive 99 of the highly advanced Dismounted Close Combat Trainers (DCCT), which allow troops to train on a variety of infantry weapons, using a combination of video and computer generated imagery.

    Soldiers will use the virtual training systems, bought by the Defence Procurement Agency under a £13 million procurement contract, to practice their weapons proficiency, as well as other battlefield skills such as reconnaissance and target identification.

    Lord Bach said:

    “These state-of-the-art simulators are the best trainers of their type anywhere in the world and will be used to complement the extensive range of live training that our ground troops already undergo.

    "Training staff can call-up a range of combat scenarios to help train our troops to reach extremely high standards across a wide range of battlefield skills before they go onto live-training.”

    Each weapon attached to the system fires an invisible laser at the images on the screen with the computers then calculating the accuracy of the shot and its effects. The system is so realistic that the weapons generate recoil when fired and the accuracy of shots is affected by variables such as cross wind.

    The contract was won by the firm Firearms Training Systems UK in 2002 with the project meeting all its cost and time milestones. Systems are being deployed throughout the UK, Germany, Cyprus and Northern Ireland as well as one on HMS Ocean.


    The system will supplement, not replace, live training. It enables troops to reach high levels of competency across a wide range of scenarios before going onto costly live training.

    The DCCT trainers are replacing two earlier trainers, which are reaching the end of their serviceable lives.

    Skills such as directing indirect fire (mortar and artillery) and battlefield recognition will also be taught on the trainers. An after-action replay facility helps students learn from the training.

    Wow!!!! The British army has finally got something up to date. How long before we see it, or where they will be based is anyones guess. What does anyone think???
  2. i bet you get some dumb cnut wrecks it by "pasting up" after a shoot. :)
  3. Or tries to pick up the Brass :wink: :wink:
  4. It's when they strip it, to clean it you need to start worrying :roll:
  5. I believe it is in use at the ITC, Warminster plus probably Brecon.

    Its like the old UFCT but with added Gucci factor and can incorporate MILAN, GPMG (SF) etc.

    Cool as.
  6. Hythe Ranges have one (spent a day on it last week). Think of it as a SAT Mk.2 with a few bits added and you get the idea; easier to use than SAT, certainly, and pretty good on the analysis front.
  7. sounds good , as long as they can restrain the A&SH from fixing bayonets and charging the f**ker :wink:
  8. 1 in Warminster, 1 on Sennelager.

  9. I wounder what the declaration would be at the end???