New Military Spec Landrover

walting_matilda said:
No Wah,

But is it actually possible to buy a new one?

I would imagine that if you approach Land Rover Special Vehicles they will build you whatever you like. They have built expedition vehicles based very closely on military spec vehicles.
Be prepared for a shock on price though, a Wolf spec Land Rover is an awful lot more expensive than a standard 110.
What come surprisingly close to Wolf Spec are some of the utility company vehicles, they often have the same uprated chassis and running gear/supesnsion at a lot less money than the military models


Land Rover Special Vehicles if contacted will build most things if you have the ££££.
They did used to do a brochure on Special Vehicles but dont seem to print it anymore.
Mostly had extras like different body types, lightbars & reinforcement etc.
Having driven these things for 20 years, i was wondering why on earth do u want to buy one unless u r living on a farm in the middle of nowhere and are about 5 foot tall (due to the abortionate leg room)?

If u are sad enough to buy one, i would suggest a 90 as they seem to be a lot more rugged than the wolfs.

By rugged i mean they dont fall to pieces so quickly.