New Military sexual harassment claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Twist_To_Open, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. This came out in the Times a few weeks ago
  2. apologises, bbc have just caught up then
  3. Seems like one of those 'They made fun of me!!!' type people.

    Fact is, it was probably idle banter and just ribbing. She could have come back with something equally as witty, but yet chose to take the softer option--crying and moaning about it.

    FFS, what did she think would happen? It's the ARMY FFS! Out of all the employers in the world, the Army is known for being a tough employer who doesn't suffer fools gladly
  4. Seems about right. How can she claim compansation for having some scrote get his dick out in front of her (I assume this is what is meant by 'sex' act.....or perhaps he was knocking one out? Why didn't she complain then and have the little tw^t nicked?

    It's all about the money.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Presumably she is now Cpl Leah 'No' Mates?
  6. She probably didn't have many in the first place
  7. EXACTLY!!!

    Most people would either just laugh it off, do something equally witty back (like squeezing his bollocks until he squeals for mercy), or just complain through the official channels.

    Doing it AFTER the army is like a cry for attention. 'I want money, I want attention! Look at mee!!!'
  8. I thought that the selection process for her job was designed to weed out people like her??

  9. The unfortunate thing is that she will probably win.
    More often than not, what is said or done as purely jest can be taken out of context much later on.
    I was involved in a case in the Late 90's where a woman was accusing half a regiment of harassment, which was rubbish, but she still won.
    The fact that this person may/ may not have been heavily overweight - may/may not have been useless at her job - and finally may/may not have been completely useless as a junior NCO, as well as a complete cnut had nothing to do with the fact that nobody liked her or wanted to work with her. She still won her case though. (got to put in the possibility I might be wrong as I don't want to be sued)
    No matter, we always bend over and lube up!
  10. Don't be too negative there. We had a case where a female Cpl joined a group action against the MoD for PTSD. She made several outlandish claims, including one against your's truly here (I apparantly made her do work of an objectional nature despite her protests. She conveniently forgot to add that she never worked for me and that I barely knew who she was) and she was banking on the fact that most of the WOs/SNCOs whom she had complained against had long left the Army. She submitted her claim long after the 'alleged events' and long after she had been discharged herself and was more than likely advised by her lawyer to wait as the longer she did so, the more difficult it would be for the Army to locate those whom she had named. Some of the solicitors who operate in this field are shifty little fellas. Not shifty enough though, as sadly for her, most of us kept in contact and were able to provide the MoD Solicitors with each others addresses. She even claimed that she had turned into a lesbian whilst in the service (honestly, she did). She appeared on TV as well, breaking down in tears in her mums back garden about the 'treatment' she was subjected to in the Army. She was claiming a 6 figure sum. Despite the fact I hardly knew her, I would have given her the money for the display she put on for the cameras. Shameless, but egged on by an 'on side' presenter. Channel 4 I believe.

    She was a liar. She got nothing. She in fact was a disgrace to the uniform. She did nothing to help those who genuinely suffer from PTSD. She didn't appear to be the sort of lass who gave a sh*t about that. She couldn't hold a job down in civvy street and wanted easy money.

    I did smile when I found out she lost her case.

    I see no difference in this womans action. Despite the balance of probabilities being lower in such cases, the plaintiff is still required to produce some evidence beyond mere allegation.
  11. She claims one soldier called out her name as he performed a sex act

    I would have thought that she would be happy having someone call out her name.

    Girls usually kill you if you call out the wrong one. :wink: :wink:

    Always the same that people wait until they have left the service to make all the allegations about incidents that may or may not have happened in the past.
  12. What happens to the soldier who makes a complaint to the courts on what ever grounds and still serves on even after the case has finished?

    Any experiences out there :?:
  13. No idea. Of those I have experienced (limited), they tend to complain from outside the Army and generally a few years after they have left and a few more years since the alleged incidents took place.