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New Military Season on BBC Four

Looks fairly extensive

In September, BBC Four will launch its first online collection for the channel’s Army Season.

BBC Four’s Army Season takes a contemporary look at the art of soldiering, the history and culture of its regimental make up, and the specialist skills in logistics that make the modern British Army one of the most efficient forces anywhere in the world. It includes a new series on The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and a series on five different regiments, Regimental Stories. As part of the season, there will be a comprehensive BBC Four Archive collection – forty programmes available on the BBC Four website, exploring the changes undergone by the British soldier in the 20th century.

The archive stretches from the early 1950s through to the 1990s and includes highlights such as the first recorded Trooping of the Colour; peacekeeping in the desert hills of the Yemeni hinterland in the Aden crisis in Soldier In The Sun; and the logistics of providing UN peacekeeping support in Angolain Defence Of The Realm. It provides a fascinating insight into social history and the way our military history has been reported over the decades.
BBC Four announces Army collection online and new factual series, Art Nouveau
Quite a few programmes been on covering Aden and Borneo to joining JLRRAC and 17/21st Lancers on BOAR, have a gander through Iplayer.

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