new "military" "reality" show (!)

Heather Pearce.... :lol: Bless er eh. Say what you may - but she is trying :D

What ever happened that ever-entertaining programme Ultimate Force?
Ex-soldier Nigel Benn
Isn't he Ex-RRF? he should p1ss it? or did he spend too long on the Bn boxing team
it won't work too many big egos and no discipline , i wouldn't want to be the RSM trying to Beast Nigel Benn as there is no military regulations to apply as they are still civilians, :roll:
i have heard about Nigel Benn short temper ,one of my friend nearly had a confrontation with him in Majorca over a parking spot , lol, he decided discretion is better part of valour. :lol:
my moneys on lee evans!!
watched it and cringed , poor skills and poor comms, weapon skills, BIG egos all round.
worth watching only for heather, always a turn on seeing girls wearing military uniforms
Agreed semper, pretty poor all round.

Although Benn showed that he hadnt forgotten all that training when he was 17.
i slog me testiclays out for 6 months have this to come back to. what next, celebrity funerals! or are there careers dead already
What about Private Ryan? Loud, obnoxious,lazy, long hair, unshaven, looks like a bag of shit, I reckon he's been in the T.A!
Was it me or at one point as the "Commandos" charged the enemy force they were all shouting "BANG BANG" rather than actually firing their weapons.

A perfect example of channel 5 at its worst. Still at least Pte Ryan made me chuckle.
watched it ,what a load of sh*t, channel five is the pikey channel, average joe blogs will watch this and laugh his head off at the military system.
Well far be it from me to spread a rumour but legend has it that our dear Heather flicks beans and licks livers.......sounds to me as though she is the perfect squaddie female.

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