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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Armchairwarrior, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Reviews of a definitive history of Hitler, the US Marines in the Pacific and a critical look at the BEF at Mons in 1914 - all in latest books at:
  2. When a history book is published, the publishers are usually quite liberal with their 'must read' claims. When 'Italy's Sorrow' was launched, the publicity was akin to 'everything you ever wanted to know' about that theatre. However, when I eventually found a five-bob copy I was again very pleased I never forked out my hard earnt for a new one as, for example, it ignored the battle of Commachio which kicked off the Spring offensive of '45????????? :omg: Which, incidentally, is in it's 65th anniversary as I post. :salut:

    Whether the new Hitler book has toppled Tolland remains to be seen ;) If someone has a copy I'd like to ask a question which would indicate it's depth to me.

  3. I'd like to read the Book On Mons, I know little on WW 1.
    I have a mate who returns to UK regularly, is there now, and who I can send books, DVDs too, which he brings out for me.
    I have stocked him up for this trip so will have to wait for some months.
  4. I know it's not a definitive account by any means, but a book I really enjoyed was "Riding the Retreat" by Richard Holmes (yes I know some will scoff). It's about the retreat from Mons to Marne as he rides it on a horse in the present day. Quite nice, light reading you can get through in a single plane journey.
  5. Thank you.
    I have enjoyed Richard Holmes books in the past.
    Just ordered from Abe Books
    St Michael and the Dragon: A Paratrooper in the Algerian War by PIERRE LEULLIETTE.
    Amazon where playing up but as I was in Hunting Mode got carried away and placed order, postage costs more then second hand book.
  6. YAY! all the home page posts are me :D

    I'm such a tw@