New military fiction - The 65th (RHA)

I'm am an ex-Gunner officer who has just published a novel - a military satire - about a fictional maverick artillery regiment called The 65th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. I have published the book myself, and I would greatly welcome any support for this venture.

I won't fill this page with too many details, other than to give you a steer towards the relevant page on Amazon, where you can read some independent reviews of the book, and my own website where you can learn more about the book and even read the first few pages.

I hope this book will appeal to the Gunners' sense of humour!

BTW, for the record, I was in 32 Regt (74 Bty and 22 Bty) from 1996 to 99, then went to 47 Regt (10 Bty) until I left the Army in 2001. And if anyone knows the current whereabouts of Iain MacNeill (Major now?) or 'Zippy' Roberts (heard a rumour he was at Larkhill as a SMIG) I'd be grateful for a steer!

Many thanks, in anticipation!

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