New military book reviews

Question 1. Why is this not in the 'Books' page?

Question2. Why is every 'review' of a 'wonderful, go buy it, luvvie' ilk? The MI5 book, only 'new' in paperback as the h/b has been around a while - I had one (past tense), was commissioned by them with an appointed author who (expectedly), was carefully briefed and scrutinised thereafter - which is to be expected.

The closest the review points this out is to describe the writing as being 'in safe hands'? In other words, this is an in-house opus, not a lid raiser, and the bits not wanted to be exposed are not exposed even though they are old cods, would not compromise National security and would generally fall under the auspices of 'silly, pointless games played by good 'ole boys feeling or wanting to feel important' - a legacy or last bastion of WWII nose-tappers? Summary: A mildly interesting read, but not worth the money.

e.g. 2: Another glowing, must buy, review of a James Holland book, this time on BoB. Will I read it, even if I find it in a car boot for 50p? No. Why? Because I recall the recent hype of his book 'Italy's Sorrow', which I eventually bought when I found one being cleared at a reasonable price. My review - 'never mind the quality, feel the width'. Allegedly the complete war in Italy, which screams 'written for the Septic market'?

For example, I turned straight to the section on the opening of the Spring offensive (British) in NE Italy in April '45, to find Holland's take. Was it contentious, was it arbitrary? No, none of these because IT'S NOT THERE!!!!


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