New military academy?

doomsayer said:
The formation/move of the Defence College of CIS from Blandford, Collingwood and Cosford.
And does this need the alledged 4,000 staff reported in the BBC? Also, much as I hate the BBC they did use the word "academy" several times which normally indicates they have been given this word by a source.
I thought the proposed 'academy' in St Athan was going to be something like this:

'It will be an NCOs’ equivalent of the Joint Services Staff College at Shrivenham, Wiltshire, which gives officers mid-career training for higher rank.
M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m...Shrivenham..... ;)

When actually, which is the norm for a government press release or confidential aside, the truth is slightly different; this "new academy" is primarily a trade training establishment aimed at getting rid of places like Deepcut etc and turning the majority of training accross to civilians. They simply can never resist that little bit of spin...
I think that The Times is mixing-up some of the information in that report mentioned by D_D

The only similarities with Shrivenham I can see is that both will be PPP/PFI. If not someone is creating a new tri-service monster!

The DTR IPT's website is here but it is fairly bland, although there is a link to some of the Parlimentary Questions asked by the West Midlands MPs. I find it amusing that the local communities and their elected reps are now tripping over themselves to get more MOD jobs/cash - if only we were always so welcome!
Cheers DD: your link is slightly more informative than the BBC's.

So how long before the place starts to fall to bits like Buller Barracks? Another PPP? I thought they had been proven (several times over) to be an excellent way of Labour donors to make back all the money they have given to Toneee.

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