New Mid-East peace drive launched

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Maybe, just maybe this time?
  2. How's it going to work when Hamas aren't invited?
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, they'll get an agreement and deal with Hamas and the Israeli PM, and then Fatah will let off some bombs, some more olive groves will be stolen by the settlers . . .
  4. How are you going to get any of them to agree on Jerusalem?

    Peace, it won't happen in my life time.

    And where's the new super peace envoy Tony " I didn't start the war" Bliar!
  5. I hope Blair isn't involved in this one ............
  6. George W Bush, broker for peace.

    WaaaaaaHahahahaha! :D
  7. Sadly there is no chance of this peace drive bringing peace.
  8. I regret that,after previous attempts at this(Oslo etc),the Middle East is more split and factionated,than ever before.The notion of the US trying to 'knock heads together' has a hollow ring,after their attempts to foist democracy on countries in the region.If money is given to the factions in Gaza and The West Bank,where will it end up?Unless the economic and political factions in the region can be made to stick together,there will be only hot air coming from Annapolis.
  9. Having seen the responses of some of those on the American Right and the more evangelical, as well as the normal Israeli talking heads pointing out in no uncertain terms that they took Jerusalem and the other side will just have to lump it, I fear you are right Badger.
  10. An agreement was made on Jerusalem, which resulted in lead injections for Rabin.

    Hunt out the DVD 'Elusive Peace', full of interviews by the players on all sides - as well as facts about the various peace accords in the last decade or two
  11. damn it you beat me too it
    Omid Djalili said similar on Sturday night

    Why would they want a war criminal involved?
  12. Was it?
  13. STILL no prosecutions pending on that front.
  14. watch the press
    His time will come
    the wheels of justice turn

    it may be slow but they'll get him sooner or later i hope

    slightly off subject
    Phoney Tony did his glad handing the troops bit whilst i was in Shaibiza (2004/05) asked by my BC if i was going to see the then PM , i turned around and thanked him for his concern and asked if he wanted to be in Iraq illegally?
    BC turned away muttering about barrack room lawyers
    Mind you the BSM actually started talking to me after that ( he hated TA soldiers even ex regs)
  15. Darth

    Seeing as we are off topic, can You show me any piece of UN literature that made the actions in Sierra Leone legal using Your definitions of Iraqi illegality?