New Microsoft Explorer 7.0

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ventress, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    What this all about, seems ok, but I have my doubts!
  2. Better than IE6 but It won't turn me away from Firefox (which it's copying)
  3. What happened to the Temporary Internet Files?

    In IE6, I used to trawl through the TI files to find clips that I'd recently accessed on the web and copy them into a different folder where I could view/listen to them to my heart's content.

    With IE7, there's no sign of the TI files. Have they moved somewhere else or are they no longer temporarily saved? Have I got to start paying for ringtones etc now?
  4. I downloaded it but got rid of it after 5 minutes because of the blurred text. I know it's because of ClearType but even with it disabled I still don't like it.

    I use Firefox 2.0 now and IE6 whenever a website needs it.

    Blurred text problem on IE7
  5. It doesn't seem as stable as IE6 - I have had several lockups since installing it on one machine.

    I don't like the removal of the normal top level interface - there is probably a switch but I can't find it.

    Otherwise, tabbed browsing is interesting - it just doesn't feel right yet!

    I haven't noticed the blurred text... I will look!

  6. Dependant on how your system is configured (assuming here its Win XP SP2), you should be able to find those little cookies and temporary files in one of the following:

    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files


    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp



    The annoying thing about Microshaft is the way in which they automatically assume you are stupid, and will hide all these folders from you, with a stern warning that you don't need to see Operating System files. One of the first things I do on installing a Windows box is to go to "Tools>Folder Options" and (via the "View" tab, show hidden files and folders, as well as de-selecting the "Hide file extentions for known file types" option. This means that when I receive am email with a dodgy attachment, I can tell at a glance if the file purporting to be a JPEG image is actually an executable file.

    Anyway, Firefox rules!! Long live Linux!

  7. Press 'Alt' - top level interface appears - press 'Alt' again top level interface disappears.
  8. What's the difference with firefox then? Heard of it but not of anyone who uses it, is it a better explorer tool or something?
  9. Firefox has been doing what IE7 does for a good few years now - tabbed browsing...

    The user interface is nice and clean, it integrates with just about every toolbar, RSS feed etc and, because its not Microshaft, uses less processing power and memory to do the same job... approx 8% on this unit I'm using now!

    Why not try it and see? If you don't like it after a couple of days, just uninstall it. and download Firefox v2.0 - its only a 5mb download!!


    Edited to add: Its all open source, so if you're that way inclined you can even develop your own version!
  10. Having had IE 7 for a while now tabbed browsing still doesn't feel right, infact it feels positively wrong. The first month or so I had it my machine crashed all over the place it was a nightmare but seems to have settled now with a few more automatic downloads.
  11. Making myself sound like the techno fcukwit I am, what's tabbed browsing?
  12. Put simply, its the ability to have several web pages open at the same time in one window - easy to access by clicking on the relevant "Tab" at the top of the page, rather than having many instances of the same program running at the same time.

    If you inagine opening ARRSE, RumRation and RearParty all at the same time with IE, you would have 3 x IE "buttons" along the bottom of your Task Bar in Win XP. With Firefox (and IE7), all these can be combined into one Program, with several pages in that window


  13. [​IMG]

    Note the tabs three lines from the top of the page - effectively a web page on each tab allowing multiple sites to be open at the same time without having to open a new instance of the browser for each one.
  14. Cheers fellas, I'll give it a go. (thank fcuk for system restore just in case!)